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  1. It is HU and he's on the button.
  2. You need to understand how strong your hand is here on the flop. Firstly, under no circumstances are you ever ever going to fold here. If it even crosses your mind quit poker immediately.Now that you have established you are going all the way you want to get as much value out of the hand as possible. He has a spade draw extremely rarely, as you said, most of his range is made up of big pairs and high cards. I agree that his line is a little strange here but you are ahead like 99% of the time, just examine his stack size on the flop and start thinking about how you can size your bets to get
  3. The insta raise is pretty weird don't you think? And the raise is pretty large as well. Did this factor into your thinking at all?
  4. Pretty standard. Maybe raise a little more on the flop and bet the turn a bit harder? I see no problem with the hand.
  5. No. I think I saw him request a stake in another thread. Prob not the actions of someone up $50k this month. Just saying.
  6. I too was disappointed in the size of the rant.
  7. I'm not questioning your reasoning behind the fold, it is solid. I guess I just can't give the villain credit for a Q often enough here to let it go.With the flop bet I guess I just size my bets on the flop a bit differently. I would bet between $10 and $12 here myself, but I guess if this is your normal cbet then it is sweet.
  8. I think you might need to take into account that there are a brazillion ppl to act behind you and the board connected with a fair portion of their ranges.And do not consider your K or Q as an out here, that is a significant leak. The villain will very often show up with KJ/QJ here.
  9. I'd take the free card on the turn but your line isn't bad.As you said I raise or fold this pf. Probably fold at an 8 handed table.Edit: Just read the flop action. Not sure this is a profitable raise.
  10. I agree. I think the villain had either TT or JJ here with the slighest possibility of a horrible float with AK.
  11. Either 3bet properly or not at all, the minraise is bad, especially if you are folding to a push. As AimHigher said, bet more on the flop. What kind of bet is that?
  12. It fooled me as well, I thought it was Shimmering Wang as well until 5 minutes ago. It's not just the picture either, the style of writing is also quite similar.
  13. Calls? I could never ever get away from this. If he does this with a better 5 or 7s full then wow.
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