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  1. Play With veenerschnitzPre-Flop Tendency: TIGHT - The Poker-Edge software automatically color codes tight players in RED for easy identification.Player Type : Congratulations, you are a Shark (Tight-Aggressive/Aggressive). Your Tight-Aggressive PreFlop play and Aggressive PostFlop play will earn you great profits at the Poker Table. The Poker-Edge software clearly shows you the Sharks by placing an icon next to their name at the table so you can aviod confrontations.Strengths: You are selective with your starting hands, giving you an edge over looser players. It's hard to tell when you are blu
  2. Alright well I have some money on FTP that I want to move to Pokerstars. My plan was to withdraw my money from FTP, purchase poker tracker/pokerace hud (obv. to improve my game) and deposit the remaining balance onto Stars. My question is, what is the easiest way of going about doing this? Also, another option would be to leave my money on FTP and to just take $80 and buy the software. I can't request a check because I would be withdrawing less than $150 and I'm moving back to school in about 2 weeks and don't know if the money will be in by then. Lastly, can I use my debit card to purcha
  3. I took down a 4.40 when gatortom staked me back in April.
  4. Since you have no read on him I would probably fold. To me it seems like you've run into a set of Jacks. I doubt he would reraise with A/J and probably wouldnt push all in with an Ace on the board if he had Kings. He probably had pocket Jacks and is pushing hoping you have a high Ace and also to push you out if you had a flush draw. I would lay it down and wait for a better spot.
  5. And I was told they would work as well, that's why when I kept getting denied I was like wtfbbqlolersauce?? I ended up calling simon and they said I can't use it on PStars....So I'm back to my original dilemma...
  6. Purchased a pre paid visa card from simon.com and activated and all that stuff and tried to deposit $$ on PS. It declined me because the card can't be used for gambling purposes. So now I'm stuck with $25 card that I can't use for my intended purpose. How do I get this money on stars as easy as possible?
  7. I already verified the account and did all the stuff I need to, still doesn't work.
  8. Alright I just bought a Simon.com card and activated it and all that but it doesn't work on pokerstars. WTF is up with that?
  9. How long did it take you to get the account info? Just bought a $25 card and had the info emailed to me just curious how long it took for you to get the email with the card info.
  10. I just purchased one but I haven't received it yet through email...how long do these things take to get?
  11. In the words of Homer J Simpson, "You're going to be a successful failure" (I think that's right?)
  12. Yes fitz it is 2 inches......from the ground.
  13. LOL I have no idea how you kept getting paid off with your ungodly raises. Player A raises to $1.25 and you come over the top for like $8 and would get paid off when they have like bottom pair. I really wish I had money on stars because that would be fun.
  14. You don't impress me.Alright fine......you're totally awesome
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