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  1. i know you are a bit of a big deal around here...but 5 months ago called...
  2. <--- New Brunswick Coat of Arms. And I am the NB Bruiser.plus i like the crowned fish at the top
  3. i see what you're saying but i think you'll get a better return on your investment playing $5 sngs... finishing in the top 3.
  4. you guys might not like the way he comes across but i dont disagree with him re: 4.40's
  5. I'm usually scared to show people that I find this funnyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LAZgcC3jgoI believe Samberg was involved with the making of it.My buddies and I are constantly referring to this...
  6. subtle Jennifer Tilley reference?
  7. I've never been to Vegas before but I'm heading there from the 2nd to the 9th.Welcome to any suggestions1) good restaurants that arent outlandishly pricey...2) poker rooms to play -- staying at Excalibur. I've been checking out allvegaspoker . com but i still welcome any suggestions from FCP'ers.3) Shows/tours that someone particularly liked. We're booked for Cirque du Soleil "O" and the Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather fight.I know it probably looks like I'm a new user, but I used to have an account (X's) that got deleted at forum conversion time and I was too lazy to open an account u
  8. I'm not shooter... but here are some things i've noticedwatching hands and the way chips go into the pot. One person I know puts in many denominations when she's taking a stab at the pot. for a raise of 150 she puts in a small stack of 5s, some 10s, some 25s... all together. But when she has a solid or a made hand, she'd just put in 2 chips, 100 and 50... you get the idea. some players place their chips in the pot and cut them out into smaller stacks -- say 20 $25 chips, cut out into 5 stacks of 4. Other times they splash the put wrecklessly. I try to pay attention more to betting patter
  9. Dont limp in an unopened pot. Raise or fold. I find limps in mid position scream small pocket pair or a suited ace...
  10. bring on the pop... I'm 26, starting to make some serious $$$ at work and looking to buy soon.
  11. When I read this post a while ago I downloaded all of those albums. I enjoyed a few things here and there but I want to thank you for turning me on to LCD Soundsystem. I know it was mentioned by a few other people as well. Anyway, not trying to sound like a fanboy or whatever, just wanted to say thanks.
  12. very old... from what I remember the way to get a high score is just to be able to make huge laydowns.worst.
  13. X's used to be my account until the forum converted and deleted my account. ... that is all
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