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  1. Does anyone know if we have our "frozen" funds in Neteller can we use it to buy stuff from merchants and if so which online merchants offer neteller as a payment option? I figure I might as well spend my Neteller money rather than just let it sit there collecting dust.
  2. He was the president of betonsports, which has the poker room bospoker and not betonbet.
  3. By the way, I just checked the link and it still says he won $20 in that tourney.
  4. I was just wondering how come 5-card draw never gets played in these tournies any more? Does it just not play well for tournaments or not popular any more? It is the game that a lot of folks grew up with and I thought that it might generate enough interest to warrant its own event.
  5. Add bospoker and golden palace or any room that plays on tribeca to that list.
  6. Just want to let you know that for SnG games, your rake is only your entry fee. The site would much rather that you get the game over with, so that you'll start a new one and they'll get more money off you.
  7. Doyle's Room is part of the Tribeca Network which has over 100 skins with the main ones being The Doyle Brunson Network, Victor Chandler, bospoker, blue square, and Golden Palace
  8. I play on bospoker which is part of the same server (Tribeca) as Doyle's Room. Each individual room has their own special tournies and stuff, but most of the tournies allow players from the whole "network" to play. Doyle's Room's special tourny is the Thursday night bounty with Doyle for instance. They have lots of choices for games with cash games and STTs. I have found that there are some donks and some good players just like anywhere else. I like the mid-limit STTs myself as I don't really play cash games.
  9. One more thing...There is a 300 point cap for cash games, but there in no limit for tournies. If you play a $50 + $5 9 player STT for instance, you would get 500 action points.
  10. This is quoted from one of the tribeca sites, bospoker:The larger the pot, the more Action Points there will be *. The available points will be distributed to all players who participated in the pot on a pro-rate (percentage) basis. The more a player bets, the larger their personal share of the available Action Points. I hope that anwers you question for raked pots for cash games.
  11. Here is the deal with Doyle's Room, or any skin in Tribeca I think. You get action points equaling the amount of your rake in cash games at a max. of 300 per hand (i.e. rake of $1 nets 100 points). For tournies, which I only play the same applies for action points. You get one action point for every penny of tourney fee. For example if you play a 6 seat STT for $25 + $2.50, then you would get 250 action points regardless of the outcome. As for how fast you can earn your bonus, I guess that depends on the stakes you are going to play, etc and the amount of your initial deposit. I play on
  12. As I was already in the process of emptying my bulk mail, I saw a FCP e-mail about Chater Member Free-Rolls. Could someone reply with what that e-mail was or pm me with the info? Thanks.
  13. Makes sense at that limit...However I have a related funny store that I saw while I was playing 2/4 Limit at Caesars in AC. The man next to me who kept showing me cards of course and other stupid stuff and had re-bought a few times would do a similar thing. He had his chips and then cash, which is common in AC (and probably everywhere). When he wasn't sure if he had the pot won, he would through his money on the ground and only go all in with his chips. He didn't get caught, but I was keeping it in the back of my mind to call him out if it benefited me. Well of course he quickly ran out
  14. FYI...Probably the whole tribeca network, which includes golden palace, doyle's, and about 40 more, is running this game now because I play on bospoker and it was up last night.
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