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  1. ... when you wake up and log into stars' cashier to see if you went busto last night... every.... single .... morning( and by morning i mean afternoon.)
  2. you will not die; but i may kill you if you misspell patron wrong again. j/k enjoy
  3. BigRox

    Dear Ouch 8-s

    apppreciate the feedback checking it out now
  4. BigRox

    Dear Ouch 8-s

    not sure if this has been discussed but i figure this would be the appropriate place to bring it up. My computer is slow and i need to download some antivirus/spyware protection. I hear norton is crap. any suggestions? prices? Any help is appreciated.
  5. finished 80 th out of 180(yes its over it was a turbo)have entered tourney 89139014 with the last two bucks i have left and if i cash half is yours; cause not all newbs are bad people; gl to you( and me)
  6. in tourney 89137403; hope i ship you lots of mobneys
  7. laptop froze and i had to reboot; so so sorry; finally got back on now and saw i was chose; i will send back or play a different one; your call obviously; sorry again isaic(i suck at internet connections)
  8. fisheees on stars(somerset) cause im pretty decent when i play with other peoples money;only been staked once but i did come infourth in a 180;its cool if not as i realize i dont have a lot of postsgl to your horses
  9. wait; i will also be in town! fcp meet up? unfortunately not the funds for this one but im very good on the rail and can cheer you on with the best of them.
  10. watched final table; excellent playing (especially how you raised in position while not overcommitting all your chips unlike the other players just going all in) gg and gl
  11. something about that line "swallow his baby gravy" made me laugh very hard. I cant believe im the first to say "lol"
  12. it obviously depends where you go, but 7 or 8 run per year and the cheapest is usually $700 (mexican destinations) and the more expensive ones are around 1800-2000 dollars (rome) and there is another one that goes to australia and is a party poker million cruise and thats the one that is even a little more expensive. THese prices are just off the top of my head and you can check them out for yourself at cardplayercruises.com.As far as the games, it also depends how many players that particular cruise ship has booked. While the cruise ship is not locked out to nonplayers, the actual cardroom
  13. lots of different ones; the ones i played before the poker boom was mostly 3/6 or 5/10 limit; THe cardplayer ones ive been on since have been 1-2 nl and "the bucket game" 2-5. The bucket game consisted of whover won a pot of over $100(every single pot, btw) had to buy a bucket of beers for the table(6 beers). THe rule was everyone HAD TO DRINK, EVERY TIME , NO EXCEPTION. Luckily im an alcoholic and can hold my liquor pretty well. I do remember winning a 1000 pot with 74 soooooooooooooooted with 7s and 4s on the flooooooop! haha. good times
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