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  1. My work has just turned off any type of gambling sites at work - why this week!ARGH........Of all the ppl that went tell us how it was....Daniel - any chances this will occur again tomorrow????? just for the ppl that couldn't attend today
  2. I work at The Rocks, just got home from work though.....
  3. seems alright, just a shame it has the foreign language....
  4. Whoever has been tipping the dealer the most!
  5. Great result for Raymer, from what I watched he played extremely well
  6. No cash games. Just sit n go's and MTT.
  7. A fairly good start to the season.It's a table where alot of talking will take place.What a difference 72 is when you're rewarded for winning a pot with it!
  8. Blackburn won with 2 good strikes over Boro.Will be 2 from 2 when they defeat Arsenal this weekend!
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