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  1. Speaking of SNL, Patrick Stewart's rendition of an erotic cake maker that only makes one cake of a person peeing in a toilet was infinitely more funny than any schtick I've ever seen Dane Cook perform.ENGAGE
  2. I certainly understand what Hellmuth is trying to do in marketing himself hardcore to attempt to make himself a mainstream celebrity instead of someone that's known as a poker player on tv, but as he tries to do this, he looks more and more like an idiot, haha.It was initially amusing during the onset of the poker boom to watch Hellmuth and his antics, but similar to many one trick ponies in entertainment, his hit single is about to fizzle out and it's about time to wait for a VH1 special. Now, Hellmuth comes off as nothing but a cry baby, ego maniac and only somewhat tolerable. He's trying
  3. Lewis Black's brand of angry humor reminds me of the edginess and risky comedy that a lot of mainstream, modern comedy lacks today. Glad he's rising up the ranks. Dane Cook reminds me of a performer rather than a comedian. I still enjoy Chris Rock's old HBO special material, he really was in the zone back then, but I think marriage and kids slowed him down since.
  4. I think what Daniel does is perfectly valid. With the popularity of poker, Daniel is more or less forced to be in the spotlight, and that means recognition. It just happens to be that way because Daniel has a talent for poker, and his fame has leaped up because he has a good personality that is entertaining and educational on television.There are plenty of views that people have that another may like or despise, but because Daniel is in the spotlight, it's magnified much, much more. For the most part, I really wouldn't go into a long criticism about the guy because he's not making policy, a
  5. Speaking of wrestling and pay per view, this episode of comments is like some bizarre Wrestlemania of Poker, but because Phil Gordon is there, more like the old school versions of WWF wrestling on television where you had a sucker heel always get beat by the popular wrestler or hated villain.It's the poker equivalent of having the Million Dollar Man, Randy Savage, Bret the Hitman Hart and the Brooklyn Brawler, with Phil Gordon being the Brooklyn Brawler and Mike Matusow as Rowdy Roddy Piper.Actually, after writing that, I have to apologize to the Brooklyn Brawler . . . Ha! I mean, Phil Gordo
  6. No Asytnik, you are completely wrong, it's like watching a table filled with 8 Eric Molinas.ZOMG HOW COULD YOU PLAY THAT KIND OF HAND!!! WHERE'S MY MEDICASHUN??!!!11
  7. I think for many, many viewers, poker on tv is just, well, tv. I think one of the main attractions to poker on tv, and the success of High Stakes Poker on GSN, is that it gives us regular working folk who play poker once in a while a little taste (be it faked, overdone or heavily edited) of what it's like to be a world class player that is in it for lots of money to the average person.Except for the hardcore purists that just want to see straight up poker, no one wants to WATCH ON TELEVISION the dozens and dozens of previous hands where the only conversation is "I fold, I check, I raise, rera
  8. A balance is good, but I'd say defer to entertainment without overdoing it, I think I would pay less attention if the table was full of chit chats and crybabies, because the whole table won't even pay attention to the game! Ha.Then again, I DO NOT want to watch pure poker like the one DN mentioned on PAD with Chan, Brunson, Ferguson and Moneymaker. It was painful, I'd rather watch the other 10 poker shows on tv, or even an online high stakes game, because that would be more entertaining.Ideally, excellent tv chemistry would be Doyle cranking out an old school story about poker or some random
  9. Also, consider that online, you can download or get a program that calculates odds for whatever game you're playing. Presumably, that would mean better play overall. Also, online, you have players that are playing a certain game more regularly (don't have to drive 3 hours and sneak in time to get games), so again, you would assume better play compared to a live game.I remember going to the poker room of a casino years ago because all the blackjack tables were occupied, and it was a choice between Let it Ride and Roulette, so eh, I thought, why not poker, at least you can sometimes beat the od
  10. If you have DN in that lineup and it's all about entertainment value that happens to be about poker, you have to add Mike the Mouth to the lineup.
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