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  1. He made a couple of decent laydowns in the first episode, that others may have paid off. Top pair to Patrik I think, memory failing me though.
  2. I haven't read past this post, but I just want to say as a fellow Brit PLEASE drop the avatar, it makes me want to kill myself due to the stereotypical-Brit-confirming nature of it. What I seriously can't see is just why...
  3. Nope. It's (at least was very recently) shown on Challenge TV, never used to have any stupid adverts apart from the ones I assume would air in the states to. High Stakes Poker was also shown on Challenge, but I only ever saw like series 1 on there.
  4. Fair enough, I appreciate that. I hate the assumption that if you make what you were trying to hit you have to call down, but this above I agree with completely. Agree with your range now Merby, having played a lot more hands today I definitely was understating ranges on average in my session yesterday. Having played today I hate this hand in retrospect, but think if I was a little higher with better players it wouldn't be overly bad.
  5. If it were checked to me, or if I were first to act, I'd fire again for sure, and fold to a raise I think. It's just the strength of the lead, I felt that one of them would have had the nut low. Flawed thinking? I get the feeling you're trying to demonstrate something to me, and I feel an idiot for not knowing what it is. Unless it's simply to keep firing and not everyones on the nut low draw?
  6. Fair enough, I'm clearly just giving him too narrow a range here.
  7. Ok, but what range do you put him on, given the way the hand played out? I am primarily a NL player, have just been playing LO8 recently. But I couldn't put im on a wide range of hands I beat unless he's a moron, and although you're saying short stackers are bad, in my experience on party the deeper stacks play worse. I'd be very surprised to see aces here.
  8. That one doesn't work either, tried it from the pinned topic, the page doesn't exist anymore.That's exactly how I started playing at these stakes, but as this is the lowest stakes found on Party it often has people donking around as well as people playing seriously, and Aces are difficult to play post flop multiway in my experience, as when I used to raise it up I'd still get called in a lot of spots and would have no idea where I was at on almost any board unless I hit trips or NFD. Plus with no low protection OOP I thought I'd see it cheaper. Obviously I'm not disagreeing with you, just show
  9. With FTR, doesn't work with Party. Considered raising pre, but like I said every hand had been 4-5 way and I wanted to win a bigger pot, is this no limit background thinking?And with c/c river, I can't see what hand calls all the way and leads the river unless it's nut low draw/wheel. What do we beat?
  10. Fair enough, but at these stakes on Party, people buy in for $2 and play super super tight, they're generally the ones to watch out for turning up with big hands as opposed to the deeper players. The way the betting went I felt he had to know I had a flush and would only shove a better flush or boat, would call with a weaker flush, or am I just giving $10nl players way to much credit? Plus like I say, the turn bet to me screamed of queen, flopped or turned boat or nut flush draw, and with the club coming and me leading into two would a queen really shove?
  11. Apologies if this has already been said here, I haven't read the entire topic but searched it and came up with nothing.When your hands are loaded into PT3, and there are hands that it can't decode or whatever (my LO8 hands) does this still move them to the PT folded of hands that have been loaded, or will it leave them in their original folder to then be used in Poker Tracker Omaha? As I downloaded PTO (not bought, was hoping there's a trial but I'm not sure) and couldn't work out if it was loading the hands or not.Thanks.
  12. Have been playing a lot of LO8 recently, but moved back to NL as I've dled PT3 trial, and want to make sure I'm not giving him too much credit. After the flopped checked around and the small turn bet, I felt he could have had a queen and I was getting good enough implied odds to draw to the straight or flush. At this level I think I have to lead for value more often than not, but obviously I'm happy to hear otherwise. When he shoves I puke, as for a guy of this stack I think he must be full/nut flush, right? Like I said I've been playing a lot of O8, so want to make sure I'm not too nitty.No s
  13. Right, I'm still new to O8, and have only been playing limit so far. What do you guys think about the way I played this hand? Easy fold right? I limped because normally each hand is going to the flop 4 handed+, and thought I'd rather get in cheap as at this level I can make so much post flop, or at least I have been in the couple months I've been playing.Obviously critique throughout the hand is appreciated. Betting the turn I think is ok, as if I get called in both spots as a favourite to get half this is good right? When the river hits it's second worse to a club imo, and I think I have to f
  14. I agree with TB that I'm now lost on what you're getting at, as more variance for the average player is perfect for them, as it evens out the edge that pro's have. It seems you want $1500 with structures that benefit the second tier of player, which would be impossible to implement, and I actually think the current ones are nearer to that, with the play sped up at the start and deeper where the money is. That means higher variance at the start - good for the average player, then when the money kicks in the play is slower, meaning of those remaining the best players should get the money.I don't
  15. That is a very good option. Maybe they should poll the players, see if they'd rather pay $300 and have the $1200 go to the prize pool or remain as it is (figures are obviously purely for example, but whichever the alternative would be). That would surely be fair in the organisers eyes and keep the players happy, as I'm sure that's what the majority of players would want.I'm curious as to what Daniels opinion on this is, as I'm guessing someone within the committee over the years has suggested it or it has been discussed, if not, how feasible would this be?
  16. That's the reasoning he gave. Fact is it's harder to get staked if you need double what you normally ask for.
  17. I don't think it can be brought into question whether or not Daniel is doing this for himself or for Poker. At the end of the day, put yourself in the hosts shoes (not Daniel's, but the organisers). You have a lot of expenses in running an event like this, besides the obvious costs of hiring dealers and the like. If people are paying $150 each towards these costs, you can't have them there for an excessive amount of time otherwise you'll risk losing money yourself. Remember, Jeffrey Pollack and everyone else involved in organising, running and maintaining the World Series needs a salary. If th
  18. Moran was intentional, btw. I'm not a true moran..
  19. Firstly, I'm not sure this is in the right place, apologies if not.I'm thinking of starting to video my sessions and recording sound, explaining what I'm doing and why in each hand. Not for the purpose of uploading anywhere at the moment, but purely for me to look back on and see if retrospectively I was tilting/missing key things etc.I searched around and found some helpful topics on recording sessions, but when it comes to recording sounds, will any microphone/headset work with Camstudio? For example, there's a lot of "desktop microphones" on amazon, and then cheaper "Headsets and Microphone
  20. To be fair, people seem to never search anything. If he googled 'gobboboy lederer' or 'fricke lederer' he would have everything he needs.
  21. I see you've mentioned Day 2 and 3s and FTs of some events, but others that would clash with other events start days have not been mentioned. Is this a case of if you're knocked out early in one tournament you will play the ones mentioned, but if you're knocked out of the events where you've listed all possible playing days then you'll rest instead?I'm tired, and think I've worded that horribly, hope you know what I mean.
  22. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...howtopic=132922
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