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  1. That's weird. I'm UK and got a few hundo within 3 days.
  2. I'm pretty sure he's said in a blog/somewhere that he's made on in another form of poker (I think Stud) but that he had never in Hold em.
  3. As a Poker fan, it's kinda cool to think of watching semi-live WSOP action. As a poker player, I don't like it so much. From a business perspective, I don't understand it. I imagine there's a not insignificant on-cost to do that for all these events near-live, so where does the additional $ come from? Do people have to pay for ESPN3? And if they do, will people?
  4. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...p;#entry3472550
  5. Something which I noticed at first, which I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere (definitely not trawling through 2+2 thread, too much garbage to sift through between each post of content):The AP Execs cited - one is Scott Tom. Is this not the same Scott Tom who's name was on the Potripper account from the previous scandal? Who we were all told was no longer involved?Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe it was unnoticed due to the size of the shitstorm, but that certainly stood out to me..
  6. Still... according to Cardplayer, this is only the second biggest thing in Poker right now...
  7. I think I should be the one giving up now.. you really didn't listen. I said DN would be the only person who could say if he was outplayed or not.It's easier to just label you a complete idiot and move on.
  8. What was your argument again? I just looked over your posts, and it seems you said he needs to work on his game because he lost this one session, and that he was "outplayed on several occasions", I said that was results oriented, you said "sigh i give up. you guys are right. DN has played masterful this entire time. He clearly has nothing else to learn. GG.". Rinse and repeat.I see no argument or counter argument from you there. I can see why you're results oriented though - you can't remember anything pre-results.
  9. Does anybody love you lurbz? I'm talking real life, too.May explain a few things..
  10. I must admit I found playing Jungleman as a "warm-up" for Isildur somewhat surprising...
  11. Solid. Why bother spouting tripe if you're not going to get into a debate about it? I gave a fully justified argument against your point, and that's your best response. Don't see why you bothered in the first place?
  12. How could I? What information do you think is enough to determine if someone made a good or a bad play/was outplayed - the cards? If so, bingo - results oriented thinking.Without knowing your reasoning/logic behind a particular move, and/or how Isildur was thinking, how can I know if you were outplayed? Poker is a game of the mind, not just cards. To be 'outplayed' rather than 'coolered', it is purely making the other person make a misjudgement, and that is not determined by the cards. If you run into the top of someone's range, it does not render your call bad. You can make the correct play a
  13. Never said that at all. DN lost, big style, and in less than 2/3 of the planned hands, no denial at all. I honestly believe that over a much bigger sample size Isildur is a favourite over DN where they both stand today, but not as big as the results today suggest. My objection was to the "he has been outplayed on several occasions" comment, which no-one can EVER know, ever, from watching. How do you know game flow, ranges, perceived ranges, history, etc. and believe to have enough info to deem a bet/fold/call 'bad' in any particular situation? Only DN could turn around after making a play and
  14. ORLY? Tournament players always have a very selective memory...
  15. Congratulations Mr Donk. Quick question: Who's the best LHE player you've ever played against? Have you ever played Ivey, PA or IHateJuice/KagomeKagome?
  16. And people bitch about why the amount of content on this forum is going down the toilet. Some new guy comes in posting some genuine poker content. Would you rather he posted a picture of another member you all know well pulling a face? Or bumped a thread from 2008? That would be more solid content right?
  17. With how most people here are about the bolded, I think you've damaged your chances of any more shout outs...
  18. Who is this guy and why do people keep making me look at him...?
  19. I think he knows who she is.. it's that she is known as "JJ Liu" not "JoJo Liu". And you didn't answer the second point. When someone says "How do YOU know, have YOU ever played with them?", passing off second hand information doesn't really support it, especially as Poker Pages is very, very out of date it would seem. Actual female money list:http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/ranking/137
  20. [ ] You don't do these enough.[ ] People are glad to have you back.
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