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  1. hey guys.... just doing some computer maintenance .... formatted my hardrive, i come back here on new browser and you have my sign in name and password all ready for me... excellent job, don't know how ya did it.... carry on.... my first post in 9 months .... how ya doing daniel? i did a write up on annie duke "piece of garbage" she's dirty
  2. Seriously man, i give you props. I was reading 2+2 a couple weeks ago and saw mention of it plus i saw a shot of her in the stands during the main event run and i didnt think it was that ex-reporter girl you used to run with.This girl is primo. Googled her -- The hottest of the hot! You are the man, and i envy you (in a good way). Wishing you continued success!
  4. i'm sick and tired of DN losing. i am serious about this.i hope the jewish company that sponsors him covers his losses if not i will be upset for i know they have been raking $5.00 per pot on high stakes action.i do not like tom dwan or phil ivey
  5. i've had enough of this nonsense. DN hits a jack but durrr has aces over kings.durrr has made a deal with the devil.i would not play against this guy
  6. first off i hate durrr. the guy is good but at same time he is nothing but a river rat.how can a guy run so freaking bad for so many years in a row?could it be that there are unseen powers at work here?is the spirit world messing with the poor guy for some reason or another?
  7. shaun deeb is kind of a punk glad the ruling went against him. go DN!
  8. aj will NEVER be forgotten. this is beyond disturbing how incredibly unlikely DN keeps running on these shows.dwan is a great player no doubt but the guy is a damn card rack.
  9. how bout leaving the poor guy alone. maybe he dont want your germs.
  10. the next time these clowns do some heavy duty terroristic damage to america or an american ally then i say we just bust out the whole nuclear arsenal on their sorry asses.then who's ever left we just march in and chop there heads off. we spare some of the more attractive women of course. that wont be many cause most of them look kinda manly.
  11. btw, i think it was kind of ridiculous that danny boy was even included in that poll.i was happy when i clicked on it and seen that he was in dead last which is the way it should be.he's good for poker and enjoys his fans.that's good enough for me.
  12. errr, the fewest dislike him which is essentially the same thing...
  13. i disagree. in fact most countries would improve in every facet if they somewhat encouraged their lowest IQ female citizens to at least consider it.the people with the lowest IQ contribute the least to a country's growth. they're usually the ones who end up in prison leaching off the hard working citizensi'm pro abortion so long as it only gets rid of the dumbest members of society
  14. yoda, those pics are photoshopped for improvement. as ladygrey said, her face is weird. pull the hair away and it's pretty hideous.
  15. ivanka is lunch regurgitating butt ugly and annie duke is a bitch
  16. longest period without drinking for me is 1 year and 5 months. the AAers were liars, they said that alcohol was going to kill me; but it's been 10 years since those hellish times and i'm perfectly fine drinking 2 beers whenever i choose. --and that only happens once or twice a month. so glad i don't have to hang out with those idiots the rest of my life.
  17. not always so simple. just a month ago i was listening to conservative radio tearing Biden and several others a new hole based on their contributions. gordon hits you up with dozens looking on. reminds me of annie duke at the Ante Up For Africa tournament. she badgered everyone at the final table into giving up every last cent of the prize money. it went on for several minutes and was very ugly. must have been at least 100 people looking on. saying no over the telephone is a lot different than with 100 people staring at you.
  18. the problem with gordon and his stoopid cancer crap is that when u dont say yes you get a guilt trip. plus it takes away your choice of where u might like to donate the money. maybe a loved one died of MS or parkinson's. maybe that's where u want to send your money. maybe you happen to know that the whole stoopid cancer charity is a big fraud.maybe u happen to know that your money is dwarfed a million to one by Big Pharm's contributions via the pills they sell you some fetching $30 maybe $40 a pill.lol at those that think that's how i spell stupid. nice read. can i play at your table?
  19. i like clonie and hope she gets something even tho doubtful she was ever promised anything. she has more personality than almost the whole bunch cept matusow.seidel and cunningham are complete total stiffs. lindgren rubs me the wrong way not surprised he's still alone. the jews need to spread the dough and quit being so greedy. harman is a good one. gordon needs to quit trying to jack everyone's prize money for his stoopid cancer crap. ivey's got the social skills of a deaf mute.andy bloch is a complete social loserjuanda seems like a real good guy but socially far beneath clonie in watc
  20. yeah again to all you dopes who never knew him but thought he was such a great guy.
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