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  1. ok, it seems like check/calling > all inopponents hand -- all-in -- check/callak -- -20.3 -- -20.3 or lessaa -- -20.3 -- -20.3qq -- +13.5 -- +13.5 or morejj -- +13.5 -- +13.5 or morett -- -20.3 -- -20.3aq -- -20.3 -- -20.3 or lesswith betting out against this range 4/6 times you lose 8.5. 2/6 you win 13.5-34+27=-17-17/6=-2.8so if this was his range, looking at the hand in $ g
  2. i think i would say call. the min raise pf seems like a small/medium pocket pair. why would he overbet a set so huge? unless he has some specific read that you call huge overbets light it looks like 88-jj or at worse a flush draw.
  3. if he has Ax no diamond you have about 10% equityif he has xx both diamonds you have about 3%if he has xx no pair with one diamond you have about 55-60%if he has pair + diamond its about 50%really their aren't many hands you can beat, most everything has you dominated. making this call is just hoping for a coinflip
  4. in a mid stakes nl holdem game would you rather play suited connectors against a bunch of players or just one? against weak opponents, it seems as though it would be best to play them against a large number of opponents because if you hit your flush/straight your are more likely to get paid off by someone, but the more opponents you are against raises the chances of running into a better flush.i was just wondering what peoples' ideas on this idea are.thanks-nathan
  5. the highest I would probably play is 2/5 blinds in pounds. would they have these stakes?
  6. I'm studying in London for a few months. I tried to go to the Gutshot Club, but they require people to nominate you to become a member. I'm in the southeastern part of the city, but would be willing to take the underground most anywhere in order to play. I'm looking for NL cash games mostly. Any recommendations?
  7. playing poker most nights does not make someone addicted to gambling. the definition of a gambling addiction or gambling problem is the same as any other addiction- if that substance causes you harm but you cannot avoid it, then it is a problem. if you can play poker without it damaging your life then go ahead, but it seems like you may not be able to. it might be good to take 6 months off and after 6 whole months of not playing poker re-examine what the costs and benefits of playing are. if you cannot take 6 months off to possibly improve your life, then you probably have a problem.
  8. theres 1/2 no limit games at all the indian casinos and i think the cardrooms as well. if i were you i would just go to whatever is closest to you...
  9. good job mark. i was pretty skeptical when i first saw this post. but i was hoping you would make it. you pretty much did. i recently started my own smaller version and its helped inspire me to play well.
  10. I was there 2 weeks ago. They have 1/2nl 100 or 200$ max. 2/5nl 300$ max and 5/5 500$. The games are fine, the 5/5 was juicy when I played in it but it only got started one day I was there. In the 100 game there are big preflop raises so you have to be pretty picky with starting hands which makes for kinda boring poker, but it can be profitable easily. There 18+ though so you gotta love em.
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