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  1. im not sure what this sentence means. are you talking about the venue?
  2. the situation with energy is also incomparable to anything that has happened in the past. the switch from fossil fuels to renewable basically infinite energy is one of the most important things that can happen to life in this universe. im not trying to sound like some crazy person but thats just how it is. energy is essential to growing civilizations. using limited energy sources like we do leads to war and class divisions. add to that the fact that every indication tells us that our energy sources are running out eventually and harming our planet and this becomes a huge deal. add to that the
  3. yea cause one snow day means that global warming is fake... i could give you a million examples going the other way
  4. LOL these things really compare to this...
  5. i had never thought of this. has anyone researched why this wouldn't work?
  6. which brings me back to my first post here, and why it is so bad that oil prices are going down
  7. they are not doing a good job right now. what people value is not always whats best for us. the fact that you want to wait until we have to make changes is what could keep us from surviving the next 100 years. we are in the most important and dangerous time that any civilization can face. you need to read about the three classifications of civilizations. we are about to hit the first level, but with all the problems in the world, and every glacier in the world receding, we might not make it. waiting to do something until we have to is the worst attitude we can have. if the government took one
  8. you could care less? so... you do care some? im not sure whether you care or not based on this statement but you dont need to tell me that you are only interested in how gas effects you individually, ive known that and said as much already.my rational is that renewable energy is an improvement to gas in more ways than you all seem to grasp. and the faster we get started with it the better. this wont happen until people lose this attitude that you have. your stats on the economy and prices of alternate fuels are completely irrelevant. i dont know how else to say this. as a civilization, as a fo
  9. its inefficient compared to everything else that should be in development. the point is that as long as people like you are happy consuming everything in your sight with no thought of what that is doing we have no reason to start moving forward. you are happy with the current system because it makes things cheap and easy for you. its time for you to grasp the bigger picture. electric cars could be here now. so there goes your whole retarded argument. natural gas could be here now. yea, they dont work if no one invests in them and there is no initiative to switch to them, and no help from the g
  10. prices and current economics are not the issue. this is bigger than all of that nonsense.
  11. i have no idea why you think i care about these CC reports or whatever the hell. the point is that gas pollutes, it will run out eventually, it comes from countries that shouldnt be getting billions of our dollars, but most importantly, it is out of date, inefficient technology. would you be ok if we still used medical equipment from the 1880s? the medical techiques back then saved some people so why change them right? why try to improve?thats what we are doing with gas powered cars. you talk about global warming scientists being brought up on charges. what about the oil companies who bribe ou
  12. i know you tried your hardest but this sentence just doesnt make sense. do you work for an oil company? thats the only reason i can think of that you would be so married to relying on imports from the middle east, and out of date technology in general.
  13. the reason to start using alternative and renewable sources of energy is not because oil may be running out. that has nothing to do with it. the fact that you think this is the issue means you dont understand whats going on and what our civilization needs to do to progress. your plan for the economy seems to be continuing to buy massive amounts of a polluting substance from countries that are our enemies. my plan is to evolve to the next level, technologically and as a society. this is beyond your range of thinking, and i can understand that i guess. you keep worrying about your conspiracy the
  14. you are everthing that is wrong with this world, congrats.
  15. the government should be pushing GM's demise, not trying to prevent it. the only suitable government plan considering GM would be to make some popcorn and sit outside their headquarters while laughing and watching them go under. thats what we should have done to the banks too. then we could take the 700 billion and use it to actually make a difference. amazing that the government is so retarded that they can find a way to waste 700 billion dollars, an amount that could fix just about every problem in the world if used correctly.
  16. yes... GM going down. gg (and by that i mean bad game, you idiots). im feelin this recession.
  17. its not a level, unless you mean the fact that im looking beyond the present and obvious. and yes, i dont drive, i walk everywhere on a day to day basis. 30 minutes to the grocery store, multiple trips per week so i can carry the stuff back in small loads. i dont even take the bus, except on special occasions, and they run on natural gas. and yes, this makes me a better person than you.i was pretty sure i heard that quote somewhere, and if i quoted it wrong it doesnt change anything.this is nothing compared to the tough times your family will have when the earth is crashing and burning, in tha
  18. when are they going to go back up? we were on the verge of being saved, our country and the world as a whole. for a while it looked like the kind of catastrophe we needed had happened. gas was outrageous and everyone was driving less and taking about solar power. the economy being bad on top of it was even better. this recession is the best thing that has ever happened to us. it got obama elected and is destroying evil consumptionist corporations left and right. we can only hope that these terrible gas prices stop falling, its the only thing that will ensure we make type 1. in 2007 the polar i
  19. clear rip off of the flight of the conchords style
  20. the world already has more respect for us than it has in 8 years, but i know you arnt a fan of reality
  21. in love with the man, jealous of the womannow lets analyze a much more significant poem:I shall tell you of William Wallace. Historians from England will say I am a liar, but history is written by those who have hanged heroes. The king of Scotland had died without a son, and the king of England, a cruel pagan known as Edward the Longshanks, claimed the throne of Scotland for himself. Scotland's nobles fought him, and fought each other, over the crown. So Longshanks invited them to talks of truce - no weapons, one page only. Among the farmers of that shire was Malcolm Wallace, a commoner with h
  22. what you posted has nothing to do with the french liking us or not
  23. yes it is. kurt rosenwinkel is on it, which accounts for a lot of that sweetness even though you dont really hear him that much.
  24. hahahaha sleep over elsewhere? are you real? come on seriously, whoevers behind this joke account just come out and say it. youve already crushed every other joke account ever.
  25. what the hell? then how are there terrorists and murders? they are born that way? they come out of the womb as murders? lol stick to random insults because your logic is nonexistent.
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