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  1. typical. the reason you hate debating might be because it forces you to actually back up assertions. we weren't even debating objectivism, just your misunderstanding of gold and economics. i just think its funny that one of your biggest problems with rand is based on something you have completely wrong. its laughable really, all this verbiage about how dumb she is and it turns out you're clueless.i wouldnt even consider myself an objectivist and am not interested in debating the philosophy, but dont think that your bullshit will work on me where you just claim things and then try to insult any
  2. just reading through this thread and thought i should pwn this undue criticism here. apologies if you have already corrected your thinking. first of all, ornamentation IS an objective value. all cultures that have ever existed ornamented things. gold specifically has a certain shine, color, and texture to it that people find pleasing. those ARE objective values. aesthetic pleasure is an objective value to humans. secondly, ALL metals are objectively valuable in general. that should be obvious. they can be formed, are stronger than rock ect. lastly, gold is resistant to oxidative corrosion. tha
  3. record low temps and snowfall in my area this winter. ive lost track, is that evidence for or against global warming?
  4. well i didn't find "a" picture, i found the best one from this year. and i forgot about juno, **** that movie. but hurt locker isn't better than clayton or atonement, not by a long shot. though i guess there's no guarantee the academy would get that right.
  5. what a weak year for movies. the hurt locker wouldnt have even been nominated in 2007.
  6. i never eat bananas in public. if im in public and i need a bananana i pull out my secret stash of banananana chips.
  7. whats with this thread? global warming isnt even cool anymore.
  8. let me tell you people, there is a serious lack of Michael Clayton in this thread (i know it was mentioned a few times). it is a movie without flaws, and i can think of flaws for many of the other great movies on everyones lists. it takes more than one viewing to see how perfectly everything works.
  9. ok, to put an end to your trolling...you missed the point of no country for old men. its point is essentially one of its lines: "you cant stop whats coming"there was a story. it involved chases and violence and other stuff. it was all brought about by the choices of the hunter guy early in the movie, and the point was that once he set things in motion, try as he may, he couldnt stop what was coming, it was hopeless. this has been explained to you. let me point out that chigur also gives him the option to turn himself in to save his wife and he decides not to. theres another choice. saying ther
  10. i dont agree completely, but you have a good general point here. the main thing is that we cannot force these types of things on other people by law. if you want to voluntarily worship whatever god, fine. if you want to voluntarily recycle, great. but the second any group starts forcing their views on the world, that needs to be shot down.and yes, global warming has seemed to have dropped about a foot and a half (and counting) of snow outside my door, the most in probably 10 years.
  11. you know, i used to be all about the environment and global warming, but at this point, anyone who is still on board with it completely and dismissing these recent developments is showing themselves to be unobjective and unreasonable.environmentalism is a religion, and its followers support it on blind faith, but i find it funny that there are creationists in here trying to tell people to look at the evidence. all of you need to realize that reason must be used in every issue, not just those that help your party's talking points.
  12. this was in baltimore. they both sat down next to us at a bar, to watch the football games i guess, and then they were walking the same way as us on the way home. i know kima lives a few blocks away for a fact, not sure if lester was just visiting or what. but yes, we called them kima and lester. i dont know what the hell their real names are.
  13. i met kima and lester today bitches. kima lives a few blocks away from me apparently. oh yea, and season 1 is the best season of this show, despite what most people say.
  14. forget clipse all of youi have come to tell you to listen to La Ritournelle by Sebastien Tellier if you havent. ORIGINAL VERSION.
  15. can anyone here actually tell me why bush shouldnt be considered a war criminal if it has been established that his administration used waterboarding along with extended amounts of other "legal" forms of torture on detainees who had not been convicted or even charged of any crime?
  16. what trap? just another worthless argument that hblask of all people just destroyed.
  17. semantics aside, a republican judge just ruled that a combination of technically legal procedures such as what you mention over time constitutes torture. and because of that, someone responsible for 9/11 can no longer be tried for the changes he was charged with.
  18. please. there is plenty of evidence. including an off the record confession by bush, and on the record confessions by underlings in the cia. do some research. also anyone who has experience in the field will tell you that torture only gets unreliable information, if any at all. you are using the same terrible excuse that bush has used to go against everything this country stands for. and he has broken international laws against the use of torture. there are no charges because he was president.i mean seriously you basically just said that you would support torture to get information. no wonder
  19. you seem to be devoid of any ability to actually say anything. all of your posts consist of you laughing at your own worthless observations about other people on an internet forum, or cries for attention in the form of exaggerated, intentionally controversial statements.i seem to be seeing the same real world that most of the rest of the world sees, and a good amount of people in this country, including this constitutional law professor:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXeIrf7QDiw
  20. i know they are concerned with the treatment of prisoners of war, and i know they generally are against torture. even if i didnt know that i could just wikipedia it so this type of attack is useless on the internet. are you going to tell me they arnt prisoners of war now?
  21. conservative christian republicans: the beacon of open mindednessgood thing we have you to be so open minded about things like evolution, environmental concern, equality, and rights of prisoners (human rights, in other words)oh and youre right, that sentence doesnt flow very well. in fact, it doesnt make sense. it implies that 'closed mindedness' is a person.
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