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  1. serious question: should we go back to treating our slaves as three fifths of a person?
  2. watch the interview on cnn.com with a retired general. he points out this is in 2007 at the worst part of the whole war, in the middle of an established engagement in the area. They had reports of gangs of insurgents walking around with weapons and thats clearly what they saw.not one of you would think this was anything besides a gang of insurgents if you hadnt been told two of them were reporters ahead of time. end of story. they could clearly be seen with aks and rpgs.to me, it discredits wikileaks or whatever to lace the video with propaganda, and provide no context.also, if you are a photo
  3. get highway rider - brad mehldau immediately. for those of you who are too lame to be into jazz it was produced by jon brion.
  4. i cant do everything!and i mean in the sense that relative to the effects of the tax increases and medicare (or was it cade?) expansions and all the other economically destructive parts, any regulations on preexisting conditions are insignificant, regardless of whether you think they are a good thing or not. they probably wont work either, but i cant really comment on that. if someone gives you a cupcake, along with a few unpinned grenades, you don't go around bragging about the cupcake. (the cupcake is insignificant)
  5. man, please. like this is actually a significant part of the bill. do you know anything about what was just passed?
  6. well, im gonna go ahead and declare victory here. lost has been defeated. it really couldn't have gone otherwise though, thats clear.mods, please lock this thread.
  7. actually i showed you, cause that was obviously facetious.
  8. OH? whats that? epic fail on the forum quoting you moron. if you're going to try and see me you better learn how to work the quote button and not write in bold like an idiot. EPIC FAIL!!!
  9. lol. ok, maybe you should sit this one out.oh, and, you gtfo. this is MY THREAD now. there will be no more trolling about possible conclusions to lame tv dramas. you have been usurped!
  10. owned.too bad. i was wanted maryland to graciously provide this beat down, but oh well.
  11. oh to the contrary, i think you have this reversed.but you keep watching, it suits you.
  12. just to let you guys know, my idiot friends even admit that this show is now garbage, and they have devoted serious time to it, so you know its sincere. for years they would tell me to watch the show. i told them it was for losers (while making an "L" on my forehead). ive never seen a full episode, but the glimpses of this season that i have been unfortunate enough to catch have impressed me with their low production values, laughable acting and dialogue, and preposterous events.please, all of this nonsense about wondering what's going to happen, and how "next episode is going to really straig
  13. i knew kansas was weak. maryland is going deep now. you heard it here!
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlkkCwhkaNYapparently al gore and the IPCC won the nobel prize for their fraudulent, sloppy propaganda over someone who saved lives and was tortured in the holocaust. classy.
  15. ayn rand, not sure how it really relates though.
  16. also, the economist is a joke. the article posted in refutation is 100% right.
  17. hold on, theres just been an update posted to the bottom 10: port au prince
  18. wtf? this is just some banjos being playededit: oh, ok.
  19. really? seeing something with my own eyes is not objective evidence?
  20. if they want to tailor hours to part time employees, they can. so what?i never said that walmart will "automatically" do anything. walmart is not something that functions automatically, but i told you why they will offer more. they will lower the cost of living in the area, offer more employment, offer more selection, and probably attract more residents and other types of businesses to the area, but even if you leave off that last part my point stands. dont say i only asserted, thats a baseless assertion in itself.towns fight tooth and nail to keep away walmart? then it would follow that those
  21. i agree, let's. more employment, and not just low wage cashiers. you have managers of different levels, security guards/managers, accountants, other office type jobs, all the people associated with the restaurants that are often included in the store, cargo and warehouse workers/managers. even multiple mom and pop stores will offer no where near this type of employment and no where near the benefits and salary, overall and generally speaking, that wal mart will offer them at. and tailored to deny benefits? i dont know what this refers to exactly but wal mart doesn't force anyone to work for th
  22. false dichotomy. free speech and freedoms in general make the country a better place. again, false dichotomy. if the philosophy behind the law is bad then the law is bad and vice versa.
  23. and??? also, walmart, because of its resources and scale, offers better prices and more selection (more employment too). this is bad?
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