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  1. The government may not be taking peoples money and burning it, but it is devaluing it through the FED and wasting it through poorly managed bail outs and stimulus. so people have a right to be concerned, and should be.and the rest of the first world is in complete decline. you want to be more like them? you want to be more like europe right now? the rest of the first world is experiencing the inevitable long term problems with their welfare statist systems. if this isnt clear to you now, it will be as the the years go on, provided they keep their course.to me, you seem like the hilariously uni
  2. LLY is only convincing when he tries to steer the argument from what it really is. this isnt about all muslims being able to "have their mosques." we arn't talking about banning mosques outright everywhere, or even just in new york. we are talking about one specific and more than ordinary mosque (one being funded with blood money from the middle east, not from the peaceful muslims in new york) in one specific and more than ordinary place (a building damaged by terrorists on 9/11). this is a very specific issue involving a special historical context and symbolism that leftists try to morph into
  3. a lot of people say it promotes hygiene (especially jews), but evolution proves otherwise. if having more skin on your penis was in any way a disadvantage to living healthily, especially in childhood, that trait would have been selected against. as it is, its pretty obvious that it was selected for, because practically everyone has foreskin to my knowledge. foreskin PROTECTS the penis, as an eyelid protects the eye. is it more sanitary to have a sensitive and delicate opening of the body completely exposed?the people who started circumcision however long ago didn't know shit about hygiene in a
  4. ill do that. any person performing unlicensed surgery on infants should be in jail. the saliva bit and the resulting herpes are non-essentials to the argument (though not unpredictable). furthermore, circumcision should be banned even by licensed secular practitioners. it is a sickening mutilation of a child who has no say in the matter stemming from mysticism and nothing more.
  5. no point in banning child abuse. interesting.
  6. but does that make said practices right??? speaking of fallacies...
  7. this isnt simply an issue of the government wanting to outlaw certain fashions because the government wants to control things cause thats just what they do. i agree with you that nanny states are the problem, but for more precise reasons. this is cultural relativism, invariably created in nanny states, approaching its endgame.we dont need to ban burkas in the US because we make immigrants submit to our culture and system of law just like everyone else is. not so in france. the funny thing is that all of the miseducated idiots in the US who will criticize this the most want desperately for us t
  8. no, he's right. its really pretty obvious. only cultural relativists cant see it.
  9. im not suggesting to ban either one. but both of them do need to be separated from law. the reason why america is not having the problems with muslim immigrants that europe is, is that we have individual rights equally enforced for everyone (we try, at least), but europe is creating double standards for muslims and encouraging them to keep all aspects of their culture in tact. the problem is, many aspects of their culture go against basic human rights as western nations would see it, so you have a conflict.
  10. this is exactly why islam is such an evil moral belief system. how do you know what's central to islam and what is not? both the moderates and the extremists can justify their actions based on the ambiguous and contradictory text of the koran, the word of their god. so who is right? what's the true interpretation? a belief system that presents the absolute word of a supernatural god that can be logically interpreted in a number of ways, including mass murder of perceived aggressors to god, is completely corrupt. it will lead to both moderates and extremists, and everything in between, and to s
  11. so if i claimed to be a neo-nazi you would not judge me on this (knowing nothing else of my words or actions)?
  12. i dont know how you infer that. even taken out of context as it was, what i said does not necessarily suggest im for building the mosque. i can support their right to do so, but be against the action itself.but im against those antagonistic assholes building near ground zero just to elicit a reaction from the general public, as i would be against a nazi parade. however, im for the burning of korans because in this case, slavish religious idiots are the target, and im for the burning of any religious book in general.
  13. i was suggesting they be monitored for displaying thought conducive of future darwin award eligibility. obviously. you get a darwin award too.
  14. i think YOU may be in line for a darwin award. although sarah palin is an idiot in general, her statement there was completely logically consistent. she compared two actions on the principle that they are both legal, yet insensitive and provocative - a perfectly sound statement, and perfectly true since both planned events ARE legal, and HAVE provoked insensitivity. sarah palin has just outsmarted you apparently. i would feel pretty bad about this. good thing it will never happen to me. growing anti-islamic attitude is a security concern? no. Idiotic cultural relativists like you are a US secu
  15. new arcade fire sucks! its so unremarkable. the production is more distant and studio-ed. they have lost all of their organic intimacy. funeral sounded like an epic band playing right in front of you, with actual instruments. it sounded like a live performance. their instrumentation and arranging here has gotten less creative and inventive; it's more narrow and standard fare type stuff that any number of bands do, instead of the range of sounds you hear in 'In the Back Seat' for example. arcade fire are done. some of the songs are so cheesy and mediocre i couldnt believe it. how could they hav
  16. wow, you're crazy. have you hilariously contradicted yourself in one sentence here? or are you saying you're against integrity? you're grammar doesn't indicate that though. this sentence is a disaster. you hate academia, and yet, at the base of EVERYTHING they do is a positive quality. and still you hate them? interesting. poor writing, bad logic, or confused morals aside (maybe all three), you think its inconceivable that they would work to cover that up? you think universities have never covered something up? never protected one of their own? or would never?
  17. how can paul krugman be such a ****ing moron? it sickens me that he "teaches" people.
  18. your entire argument appears to be nothing more than an appeal to consensus, as others have pointed out. where are you from? they must not cover basic logic there. this is weak stuff.and for the rest of you: you only own what you can defend.
  19. i have more legal acumen from watching law in order over the years than this lightweight has in her wildest delusions.this is just obama getting some bureaucrats into the one branch of government that was free from them.
  20. i didnt read the whole thread but from what i can tell its just been a variety of different fools spouting appeals to consensus and hblask slaughtering them.
  21. wow, lots of awful advice in here. mods, please delete all of these misinformed responses up until this post. thank you. ok. public schools are all terrible... everywhere. theres nothing local about it. private schools for the most part are only slightly better. in case you were wondering, colleges are almost universally terrible as well, except when it comes to convincing people to waste all of their money on them, and the degrees they hand out are worthless.do your kids a favor: send them to private school if you must and then tell them not go to college. tell them to read books and watch le
  22. lol @ a war with iran being unwinnable. in reality, we could crush them in an instant, if we were willing to actually fight a war, which we havent been in a long time, obviously. the key would be to take over and establish a constitutional republic, and remain there indefinitely like japan and germany (who are not doing so bad).not that sarah palin knows any of this of course.
  23. i get my morality from reality. some people get it elsewhere, like from rapist priests for example.
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