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  1. If you are a total newbie I'd suggest just playing some play money and seeing what free info you can find on forums till to get the hang of things.
  2. Normally the save all the droning on for the speech right?
  3. I think he has to pay the 2mil back to stars doesn't he? Moving back to Vegas and being staked to sports bet doesn't strike me as good ways to get over your gambling addiction.
  4. The news coverage was pretty vile, anyone that thought it was a good idea to interview kids coming out of the school should be fired.
  5. Yeah monetizing wouldn't be easy, maybe more through affiliate sales of security stuff and advertising that sort of thing to players? Would have to be secondary stuff rather than getting cash from the sites themselves. If you could turn up a couple of decent scandals you could probably get some decent traffic.
  6. Have you thought about running a site that does reviews of poker sites security?
  7. Logged on to FTP just now and 50NL FR rush isn't running due to lack of players. I guess everyone is doing their bonuses then going back to stars. Hopefully that means what is running will get softer.
  8. Still trying to grind out on ftp got myself in this spot today. I haven't got a working HUD for rush on ftp so the only reads I have on the players at the time are that I have them both marked as 4 tablers. A pack of feral cows chewed their cuds for .0043 seconds to convert this hand HEM/Full Tilt NL Hold'em $0.25/$0.50 - 9 players MP: $20.00 MP2: $97.90 HJ: $56.30 CO: $50.00 Button: $39.50 SB: $72.45 (Hero) BB: $88.55 UTG: $39.50 UTG+1: $104.45 Preflop: ($0.75) Hero is SB with (9 players) 4 folds, HJ raises to $1.50, CO folds, Button calls $1.50, Hero raise
  9. You aren't missing much by not being able to play on ftp, it's crushing my soul so far.
  10. whoah now hold up there. Which film did "Angelena Jolie" play Bond in? I must have missed that one.
  11. I have him as x/r 25% (one out of four on my sample) and I would expect him to 3 bet JJ or QQ pre at least some of the time. When I say he had a poker term in his name I do mean along the lines of "4 bet bluff" so it would seem like he might have some idea of what he is doing, especially as he is 4 tabling. What confused me the most is that if he is value betting what does he think that I might have that I can call with after I check back the turn? Just seems like unbelievable nonsense from him.
  12. Logged into FTP today, you can check your balances now. Since you asked here is a hand from yesterday, I've only just started playing some zoom so I don't have a lot of reads on the players. Villain is 4 tabling, 20/15 over 222 hands and has a poker term in his screen name. Feral Cow Poker HEM/Poker Stars NL Hold'em $0.25/$0.50 - 9 players Button: $25.75 SB: $64.19 BB: $253.40 UTG: $69.73 UTG+1: $119.21 MP: $78.82 MP2: $41.80 HJ: $62.59 CO: $56.35 (Hero) Preflop: ($0.75) Hero is CO with (9 players) 5 folds, Hero raises to $1.50, 2 folds, BB calls $1.00
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