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  1. Its been a long while since I have been able to post, I havent had access to a computer at home and the one at work has banned this site. Anyways I have been doing really well in my live game and built up a substantial bankroll playing 1/2 nl. However recently I decided that I want to build a sizable bankroll online as well. I decided to invest $1000 and play strictly .5/1 nl untill I got comfortable with the online game again (havent played seriously in about 6 months). Anyway I started rolling on the 24 of Dec and since then I have had some swings - up a couple of hundred on the first night
  2. hmm 12 tabling nl ....even if its micro....hmmm wish I could do that....my laptop resolution isnt big enough.post some pictures....would love to see it.
  3. Casino : $1560 - 1/2 nl Home Game: $220 - .25/.50 nlmtt : Placed in the money - lacking ....trying to catch up...I caught up some:MTT: 2nd place in Paradise R&A Starfish - $565
  4. Flame free....yeah it sure is...welcome to FCP. Stick around...you will enjoy. Wait until smash gets a hold of this thread..
  5. Man hold the god damn poker book printing!!!!! This guy has got the most amazing orginal f@#king orginal strategy in the world.....Buddy...dun post silly stuff like this...you will get ripped apart here.$200 bucks in 11sngs isnt unheard off. But everyday - gtfo here. You must either play all day ...which isnt unlikely considering ur 17 and its summer. If you are congrats....post something interesting next time.
  6. What time on Saturday? I may go again this Friday, but wouldnt mind Saturday if I can manage it.
  7. Just wanted if anyone goes to AC on regular basis? I recently turned 21 and have been trying to make it there at least twice a month. I have gone twice thus far and have come back quite a bit better off. To get to the point I was wondering if anyone goes and plays at the Borgata usually on Fridays? Right now since I am building a casino roll I am playing bread butter poker - 1/2 NLHE. I would definitely enjoy some company if anyone is interested? Just msg me here on the site.
  8. Poker is....entertainment with a twist...
  9. I agree. The software is good. You play there for a while and you get use to any shortcomings. The site is gold...the number of fish from sweden is ridiculous. That site is a cash croip for anyone serious about poker. The turbo tables are awesome. The tournaments are wild but if your patient you can get pretty far. This site has been my income while I am in college and it pays me well for a college student that dosent have too much time to devote to cards. The people who play at RV should speak up.
  10. You must still be drunk if you think this is in any fashion similar to the hand that was posted by DNA.
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