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  1. Was playing at a local B & M in their 2-3-5 Spread Limit, 200 max buy in game the other night and a hand came up that's been buggin me. Relevant stack sizes:Hero - ~450Villian - ~450UTG +1 - ~400UTG +1 Limps, Hero calls in lp with Kc4c, button completes, sb completes, bb checks. Pot: $20 (after the $5 rape, i mean rake is removed)Flop: Ad Jc 9csb checks, bb checks, UTG +1 bets $20, Hero calls, Button folds, sb calls, bb folds.Turn: 10c (pot: $80)sb checks, UTG +1 bets, Hero bets $60, sb calls, UTG +1 callsRiver: Qd (pot: $260)sb bets $55, UTG +1 folds, Hero??Reads: SB was at the tabl
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