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  1. im big_slick_tg. unfortunately i busted out somewhere in there but i went on to make comments about him not wanting to bet on having a braclet before his kid but it was in the obs chat.he then said something about using DN as an example when teaching his kid poker.phil gordon = dbag.
  2. probably not for long. history shows that we sheepishly follow behind whatever the US does. hopefully this is not one of those times.
  3. im on there at all kinds of random times. some week nights and ususally morning and afternoon on saturdays. (est time)whats your handle on ftp?i'll look you up next time.im big_slick_tg.
  4. agreed. i'd lead out on the flop and try to build a pot.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^first post in like a year!im learning O8 and currently suck.
  5. im in as big_slick_tgnever played it before so i couldn't tell ya.
  6. who is mrnutz?he's constanlty buying in for 200k in these big PLO and O8 games on ft.
  7. why not just register for the events you want to play?they run sattelites daily to each individual event. so if you want to play in the thursday HORSE event they run qualifiers all day thursday.
  8. maybe you're not stealing enough blinds and antes. you need to do this to keep yourself afloat while you're waiting for big hands.
  9. im out in 227th.i ****ing hate tournament poker.
  10. yeah i keep begging ivey to sit down but he won't.18k at the 2nd break.
  11. almost 14k.priced myself in on a flush draw semibluff. dude wasn't screwing around for a change and had a set. i hit.
  12. back in business.Full Tilt PokerNo Limit Holdem Ring gameBlinds: $60/$1209 playersConverterPre-flop: (9 players) Hero is SB with 5 4 UTG calls, 5 folds, Button calls, Hero calls, BB checks.Flop: K 5 4 ($480, 4 players)Hero bets $480, BB raises to $1200, 2 folds, Hero raises all-in $1660, BB calls.Turn: 5 ($3800, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: $3800)River: 3 ($3800, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: $3800)Results:Final pot: $3800villain had 67
  13. lost a huge pot with AK (go figure).down to about 1500
  14. im in.sn : big_slick_tgup to T5100
  15. Anyone ever sign up for these? It seems pretty cool and im pretty sure it would help my tourny game but the price is pretty steep.$150 initiation fee plus $25 a month. if you miss a month you have to pay the initiation fee again! (for pokerxfactor that is)it would be pretty cool to be able to sweat guys like sheets and johnny baxs hole cards throughout a whole tournament.
  16. the min-raise is on the re-raise. re-raising to 80 after the initial raiser made it 40 to go.
  17. so is the a different book than No limit Theory and Practice that just came out?
  18. he has position on the villain so he has the option of checking behind and taking a free showdown.
  19. if you get called from a lp player your almost forced to check/fold most flops.i usually only raise from the HJ, CO and Button in PLO. but im a tight newb.
  20. full tilt is the best site going and it looks like its just getting better.the only thing i dislike about full tilt are the cheesey avatars but i just turn them off.
  21. screech dude, he might not be the best player in the big game but the guy is playing at the highest limits possible. that has to say something about his cash game skill. i agree with this. there is no way to teach the skill it takes to read people and play your instincts.i will still buy the book. (mostly because im a poker book junkie) the way i look at it is, if i learn one thing from a book, it will probably pay for itself within a couple of pots.
  22. i've got 4 tables open. a couple limit holdem, a nl holdem and a plo.im having a good nite, then this ****ing loose passive just starts running me over on one of the limit tables, which is fine. i giggle while i transfer him my bankroll.then these 2 hands come up on the nl table where i just totally lose my ****ing mind. i guess i was slightly tilted from the limit table.i pay a short stack off with JT on a board of KJ52. he raises the turn, i know im ****ed but i say, what the ****, im getting about 2.5-1.the very next hand i bump it up with AQo in ep. some new fella to the table re-rais
  23. thanks for the input.im not the hero in this hand. im actually villain1. but the hand had me thinking about how i would play it if i was hero.i don't mind the call pre-flop but i'd really be playing the hand set or fold. if villain1 (me) doesn't have him torched you have to think the lp cold caller has got it.
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