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  1. You will have a miserable time.
  2. Final Table 180 $4.4 rail is appreciated....53102866
  3. Do whatever got you here, gl
  4. Some guy was raising everypot, pushed with A10, pronto call with Kc10c. Flop my A and he rivers the nut flush. Running bad today. GG sir. ($$$ shipped)
  5. Ill do a last longest, 5 bucks? I know it started so we'll have to decide within a couple minutes if anyone is interested.
  6. We'll go for the next one, should start sign ups in 30 secondsI suck a posting, **** might get posted 100x's. sorry. Tourny #53036807
  7. Im bored and want to see if anyone would like to barrage a 4.4 pront. Aiming for 6 EST. If we get a few we'll try and put a couple bucks on best finish.
  8. Knock em dead. God speed
  9. Good rant. I am fully entertained. Now I need the Yanks to win for moral, cleveland to win to boost the BR and a god to fix the driver I smashed on the 2nd hole today. Nice little friday.
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