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  1. Wouldn't make sense for ESPN to allow this live broadcast for any final table they plan to air.
  2. For my money, it's the Mirage poker room. 9 handed and the only $10/20 in town.
  3. What's the deal? Has he played in any $10,000 buy-ins yet? A month ago, all DN would talk about is the next JJ and now .... nada.
  4. 祝贺大家新年快乐,万事如意,猪年大吉!!!
  5. I think on the turn b/f > c/c > b/c. The guy raised you on the turn after being c/r by you on the flop with players still to act behind him who all could've been on either the straight draw or the flush draw. I think we're dead to 4 outs here every time.
  6. About $1k pot at a $30/60 game at Bellagio. 3 way showdown with my set of Qs vs AK, tptk vs 7s4s, river flush. Good times.
  7. If you're going to China, you should brush up on your Mahjong skills. That's where its at.
  8. I didn't know it was that difficult to become a resident. I got my Canadian green card w/o having spent one day on Canadian soil. They may have toughened up the process since then, I got mine 5 yrs ago.
  9. Poker in the past few years have been on the up and up. I think if poker was going to make its way into Asian markets then it would've already spread. As it is right now, no poker is being shown on television in China and as a result, poker is not 'booming'.
  10. Cuz it's gambling. I can't say as to what may happen but I think if as many of China's youth start playing poker as American or European youths, then the govt may see poker as something that's corrupting their society.
  11. I don't think the boom is gonna be all that big anyway. Most of Asia is too poor to play. Also the biggest population, China, has a govt that probably wouldn't stand idlely by if gambling online became a national obsession.
  12. You blame Communism but you want to move to a more socialist country?
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