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  1. Your bro setting a trap has been his demise in this hand. raise the flop, check behind on the turn. As played I'm probably folding this on the turn. By calling on the turn your pretty much expecting a bet on the river. You need to take in consideration what do you have beat on the turn that would fit his range? With no reads or any knowledge of the player like I said i'm folding this on the turn.
  2. Yeah its cool man, like I said i didn't mean to come off as a **** and offend you, just saying most of the HH's I have seen posted from you are in Limit. But its hard to tell things like you posted over the net. I didn't mean to sound like a ****, and if I did my apologies, and no worrys.
  3. The reason why I wouldn't have minded a fold on the turn is from the straight draw on the turn, and to be honest I wasn't that comfortable with my hand. Lets see A9 beats me 99's beat me, QQ's beat me, etc... its a cash game and someone limping in with any of these hands would not be too out of the norm. And also I didn't have any read on this guy and had only seen him show down one hand the whole time I was at the table. And he had the goods. Its not like a tournament, any of the above hands could have been possible. I probably should have pushed on the turn, that was what I was question
  4. If I wanted to save me the most money, I should have been more wiery of the flop call, turn and river might probably would have went check, check, just thought I could get a fold with the turn bet, but he didn't want to lay down his pair of J's.
  5. My bad on the board with two kings. It was something else, I have a pretty bad memory, After the Q9 hand, I was down to around 10 dollars, so the betting was different from how I explained it, again I have a bad memory. But I limped in with Q9 on the button, because I didn't really feel like raising with this hand, and wanted to see a cheap flop, and thats what I did. Anyway he ended up flipping over JT after the river check, which the river brought a J to give him trip jacks. Oh well. Obviously my flop bet wasn't high enough for him to call with his straight draw.
  6. One of mine is when the goalies mishandle the puck behind the net, and it ends up turning into a goal. Maybe it gets to me because I'am a goalie. And its never happened to me.
  7. This is a hand from the casino. First time at a casino, just turned 21.1/2NL, min. 50, max 100Bought in for the min. Just sat down, folded the first 5 or 6 hands, just sitting back watching the table, seeing how the table plays. The standard raise preflop is around 10-12 bucks. After the flop pretty passive. First hand I played was K10o, in LP. I limp in 6 to the flop. To get to the story, I ended up winning the hand with K10, which got my stack up to around 80. The hand I got mixed up with this guy I had been watching him for awhile. He is pretty passive. Couple hands before board
  8. Thanks for the reply's guys, really apprecitate it, ill convert my hands next time, and not post results. But in these tournys people act like there scared all the time. You make a standard raise, and everyone folds. No joke, I had A's twice in one tourny, both times from MP or LP make it 2.5XBB, and the whole table folded, and I had been involved in pots as well, wasn't like I was playing uber tight. So when the table is this tight I will be aggressive early, and if the table is aggressive, then I play pretty tight. Just got mixed up in a hand I shouldn't have even played. But thanks ag
  9. Actually it was a donkament, I don't ever play online, and I deposited the minumum, it was a $1.10 SNG. I got down to 650 from a sick beat early on, and didn't play a hand for quite a while. I kinda just hovered didn't go up much, didn't go down that much, just picking up small pots. People like to fold BB's and things like that. The first two tournys I played in were $5.50 SNG's and I won both of those. Just felt kinda tired so decided to play a 1.10 SNG. Level of play is alot different I found out. I usually just play live so online is pretty much new to me. Thanks for the reply's.
  10. Playing in a $5.50 10 man SNG on UB. Don't have any hand history. In the small blind and blinds are at 20/40, big blind makes it 120 total. I call with K/9s, My stack is around 650ish. Flop comes K-5-J. I check, Big Blind bets enough to put me all in. I call with my pair of Kings, and he flips over JJ for a set. Any way with my low stack I'm getting away from this hand, or should I have just dumped it preflop? My stack was dwindling down, and I was a little on tilt for being cold decked as it was. Any replys,thanks in advance.
  11. "Goddammit I'm going all in, no I'm not, no I'm not."
  12. I think playing rather than reading would be better. If it was me, I wouldn't read anything, and just play.
  13. The first hand when villian reraises you on the flop, push it in there. You don't want to just smooth call and give villian a chance to see a free card if he does have a draw. Well you have the free card by just calling and the third club came off, so your kinda in a sticky spot. So just push it in on the flop. Just ignore what I said at the top, I just got off a 12 hour day at work, so I'm really tired, I read it wrong and don't feel like fixing it right now.
  14. I would actually call this with 7/8s. But thats just me. If you fold this, your not really going to pick up any blinds with an M of 7 or less. Some one is going to reraise you and put you all in or if you go all in to pick up the blinds your going to get called by the big stack to eliminate you. I would call the allin if villian has something like a small poket pair other than a seven or eight its pretty much a coinflip with your two overs. If he has AA or KK or any big pair you have a nice drawing hand to crack there big pair. Just saying if it was me I would call. People will disagree
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