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  1. As I said before I've been going there everyday for 2 entire months (since they started offering 2-2 really).. and the last 5 days I haven't got a single hand and because of that I did lose quite a bit in those days. And didn't I have the guy beat untill the river ? I know the chances were big he had me beat before that but I was certain he didn't.. When you are card death for over 5 entire days you are not gonna fold when you are ahead.. especially not against a player like that.. Ofcourse I could have checked it out but either he would have made a bluff which I would have called since I woul
  2. So you want me to fold Aces pre flop ? I read books.. but tell me in which book you found that.. If I call I get the whole table to the flop.. I get everybody to the showdown.. are you kidding me ? I agree a pre flop all-in is not the way to go but with so many raises before you can callers/limpers You want to isolate some good hands don't you ?
  3. As I already posted in the topic "Not catching a hand" I've been completely card dead lately.. I didn't catch any cards.. but having faith in my play and that cards would come back I've been going to the tables consistently waiting for that to happen. I must be the most unlucky guy in the world. Since my last post I've played everyday and being card death hasn't changed all that much.. so yesterday I got QcQs .. I raise 20 euro pre flop.. (blinds are 2-2 max buy-in is 200) I get called by 1 guy.. flop comes5s7s8s. I rais an additional 50 euro.. I get called (calling station I knew he would). t
  4. Ok I was just registering on the forum to start a post about this in the hope to maybe get a reply from Daniel to help me out.I play 2-2 NL Holdem in the Casino in my hometown Everyday.. Usually I take home about 100 on average a night..I play from 20:00 untill 3:00 when the casino closes..The last 4 days ! 4 !!! I have been card dead.. I haven caught a hand.. in these 4 days I've had the following hands:1 x QQ (lost against AA)1 x KK (lost against A2)1 x KdQs (lost against 99)1 x Jd10d (lost against KQ)1 x AsKs (lost against Q6os)1 x 55 (WON!)1 x AdTd (split pot against AK 2 pair on the board
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