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  1. Got bored with poker. Now just plays tournament scrabble.
  2. Omar "We'll have to go in the front door"Muzzone "That'd be a change for you"Omar "You just be ready, bow tie"
  3. Well, I for one would never bet against there being a Sopranos movie, even if has to be, as Stevie Van Zandt suggested, a prequel.
  4. I think the reference is more to a line in the HBO/BBC series "Rome" which also differs from Shakespeare in that in the Senate, as he's dying, Caesar says nothing to Brutus.
  5. When Kramer comes home early from the fantasy baseball camp."Joe Pepitone or not, I OWN the inside part of the plate."or the abortion episode. Only Seinfeld could turn the abortion debate into a comedy routine:Kramer: "It's not a pizza until it comes out of the oven"Poppy: "It's a pizza the minute you sticka you fist in the dough."
  6. Its just a typical Kramerism. In one other episode he calls Jerry "Majumba". Its just Kramer being Kramer.
  7. What? Did you fall asleep? (not hard this season I admit). There was the whole scene after the guys from Division arrived where Morris gave Nadia a pep talk about not blaming herself.
  8. Not true. The 10b hand will pay out the full prize regardless of the stakes of the table where its dealt. You're thinking about the other milestone hands where the prize varies based on stakes (and VIP status).
  9. To be rude, this is like telling a recreational golfer that he shouldn't try to improve his game, "just enjoy the fresh air?"
  10. A number of faulty assumptions/misinformation in your post.1. There is no federal law in the US against gambling online. The UIGEA restricts US-based financial institutions ability to transfer money to internet gambling sites, but does not say a US citizen can't play. The only 2 US state that I'm aware of that make internet gambling illegal are Washington and Nevada.2. Gambling income is classified as *ordinary income* for tax purposes, just like wages, salries, tips (aka W2 income) and Independent contractor income (aka 1099 income). The reason you get nailed on gambling income is that IRS pu
  11. Technically, since Tony doesn't know the guy from Adam, its the Canadian guys behind it. However, like the weak gun charge, it becomes another RICO predicate to help the feds build a bigger case against the organizatioon as a whole.
  12. Actually, your 2006 stats on Party aren't a whole lot different. 5% ROI over 267 NLHE tournaments. 14% ITM but only 2% in the top 10. Not much different from your recent 'Stars stat (within 1 sd). In other words, you're 1 addition top 3 finish from having a very big +ROI. Ideally, you'd like at least 20% of your ITM finishes to be top 10 (for this period ithat would mean 8 top 10's as opposed to the 5 you have). Not a bg delta, and in truth, the way MTT variance works, you may still be playing close to optimally, but the usual reason for not getting over the tourney ROI hump is playing too ti
  13. The good news is, you haven't been a big loser either. Your OPR stats for the last 4 months show a basic break-even run. And while 481 total tournaments are a decent sample size, 1 Std dev. in either direction makes you either a solid player or one with a serious flaw. In English, you've played enough, but without a more detailed hand-by-hand analysis you still don't know how good you are.Your bankroll is probably on the high side for 50 NL, but its always better to be over-rolled than under-rolled. Cash games are a different animal. I do take exception with your 60/40 statement. Sometimes its
  14. Uh, 65 kilos = 143 lbs = 10 stone 3An American just pwn'd you at math.
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