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  1. How about canceling class? That works even better than an e-mail. We can play the "what-if" game all day, but if you think that administration took every necessary step then you need to pull your head out. Any time there's a shooting on campus and the suspect is not in cuffs class should be canceled. Period. End of story. Not "oh it's an isolated incident we're ALMOST positive that he fled. Oh snaps there is shooting up a hall, time to send those e-mails out"And just out of curiosity, care to explain how you arrived at the conclusion that 99% of my posts are "re-donk-ulous"?
  2. Thanks for proving my point. If those 2 people died and no one else then still it would have been the right precaution to take.Got it?
  3. Probably the same reason the Wichita horror was largely ignored. Meanwhile Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were busy framing 3 innocent Duke players.
  4. You don't assume anything. You tell people exactly what happened, not ignore it for 2 hours and send out emails when the dude is going apeshit. No one is blaming the officers and detectives, they follow orders. It's the guys in charge who should be questioned about that 2 hour interval.And no Yorke I don't. But if a shooting happened on your campus wouldn't you like to know about it and make the decision yourself whether or not it's safe to attend class if the University does not cancel them?
  5. asytnik

    The Gun Debate

    Because other countries != United States of America.Apples. Oranges.
  6. asytnik

    The Gun Debate

    Why is this so crazy and far-fetched? In my State of New Hampshire I can, by law, carry my concealed handgun with me to anywhere but a courthouse. This is at the state level. At the federal level I can't carry my gun into any federal building or school zone (this does NOT apply to the college level). So I can, by law, go into my university(UNH) and not commit any crime. Of course I can be kicked out of school if I get caught, so obviously I'd never attempt it. I'm NRA trained, have no criminal background, and I'm also military confidential cleared. I'm not bragging, I'm just saying there are q
  7. asytnik

    The Gun Debate

    How is it "very very Hollywood" when there are hundreds if not thousands of cases every year where the criminal has every intent of killing you regardless of what you give him? Maybe it's not as common in the UK or Sweden, but we have plenty of sick ****s here who will do just that. Again it just goes back to that best-case scenario where you happily give away your wallet to the robber and he is later caught by the cops
  8. I think the better question is why didn't all the other reasonable, law-abiding citizens(fully trained of course) in that hall HAVE the right to carry hand guns? Oh that's right, because it would be illegal for them do so. And nuts like Cho will find ways to get them regardless if they pass the background check or not.
  9. OMFG. Totally forgot about X-Men. That game was sick. Okay taking Contra off my list and replacing it with X-Men.
  10. asytnik

    The Gun Debate

    So the base of this argument here is to make criminals feel more safe in robbing us? I don't get it. If a criminal wants to rob me or break into my home to cause harm to myself and my family I believe it is my right as a citizen to do something about it.Ok so the vast majority of criminals just wants to rob you and bail. But what about the few who want to inflict as much pain and agony as possible? Yes it's rare, but it can happen. The vast majority of double homicides don't result in mass murders either, and we've seen what relying on "best case" scenarios can happen. Some of us like to think
  11. 1. Mike Tyson's Punch Out2. Ninja Gaiden3. Contra4. TMNT5. SF
  12. asytnik

    The Gun Debate

    1) What makes you believe that by banning guns criminals will start using knives instead? A gun ban will just open up a black market and they'll still be able to get them. Drugs are illegal here, and it's easier for an 18 year old to get cocaine then a 6pack of booze.2) Once he runs of you shoot him dead and get your wallet back.Not to mention, by reducing guns, criminals with illegal guns will feel much more safer robbing law-abiding citizens knowing full well that they are not armed.
  13. For anyone in a place that didn't allow guns (i.e everyone that went to class not knowing there was a shooting earlier)
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