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  1. I agree with you that this is a well-intentioned mistake. The fact that categories have fuzzy boundaries does not make them useless or invalid as categories. The sun has a fuzzy boundary. But you also can't go so far the other way that you fail to have a compassionate system for those people within the fuzzy area.
  2. It really only takes one, doesn't it? Some one intersexed person to dominate an event and you have to deal with the issue. It is happening with Caster Semenya right now. She was assigned female at birth, so with your rules is a female, but is XY genetically and runs like a man.
  3. If you want a non-snarky answer (seems like much less fun), a friend of mine's recent work was covered here: https://news.usc.edu/124797/scientists-have-more-data-to-back-their-findings-the-earth-is-getting-warmer/ I'm really not sure what your doubts are; I don't really agree this is a matter of much debate, but if you think human activity cannot affect the climate and therefore we shouldn't change our greenhouse emissions that's going to be a pretty hard position to support.
  4. Oh yeah, I have! The entirety of modern climate science.
  5. But because we’re dealing with gray area cases, even this is not simple. You’re going to have to define “born a man” more precisely. Does that just mean assigned gender at birth? If that’s the case you’re going to have some people with Y chromosomes competing in your women’s race. Take 5-alpha-reductase deficiency for example. They are usually “born women” because their external genitalia isn’t masculinized, or is ambiguous, (at least until they are 12-13 when puberty hits). According to your rule, you’re now going to have someone who was born a woman, but who as an adult has most of
  6. Is this something people still have different stances on? Well that's a can of worms. Sexual dimorphism is real, and while there is some gradation in sexual characteristics, the fact of differences between male and female are ubiquitous across nature. Gender on the other hand is a social construct that is only loosely based on sex, so that's free to change with culture. Sports competitions are segregated by sex due to the physical differences between men and women. If a person changes their gender, without changing those physical differences that come from their se
  7. Does anybody really ever know anyone else?
  8. I think he's trying to psychologically manipulate his opponent.
  9. Well if you post them, I'll show up again in about 10 months and give you some answers.
  10. You probably assumed my vigilance on this issue had waned. Never.
  11. It is, but I can't take credit for it. I think it was cwik who made it. His entire trip there was a bow though.
  12. There has to be nobody benefitting more from this Trump situation than Balloon Guy. It's the coming of a golden age of misinformation and obfuscation. It's like he's been training his whole life for just this moment. I am truly happy for him.
  13. Well, I'll just hit reply and we'll see how long it takes.
  14. Yeah, that makes sense. This thread is a beast. Takes me a good 6 seconds.
  15. It really is kind of annoying. I don't know what the deal is, because we run the same software on a different site and it is very snappy.
  16. Those are pretty much the only two kinds I avoid. Well, raisin included (just shouldn't be putting berries in bagels in general).
  17. It's the perfect combination of both.
  18. I'm guessing its the same 45% that believes in creationism.
  19. I used to listen all the time when he was on the radio here. I found out recently he's been doing a daily internet radio show for the past year.
  20. Average penis size study results confirm racial stereotypes Research on average penis size has confirmed racial stereotypes, with Africans coming out on top, Asians at the bottom and Europeans somewhere in between. The average for the African continent as a whole is a whopping 6.3 inches. At the other end of the table, North and South Korea measure in at 3.8 inches. India and Thailand are only slightly bigger at 4 inches. The overall average for north-east Asians was the lowest at 4.2 inches.
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