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  1. This is not my hand, as I have got to the final three of one of these, my bankroll would be a whole lot sweeter right now. I was railing my friend, who argued his call to no end after making it. Even three handed, we don't call with King High here do we?Reads that I would have noticed, are that my friend and the SB who pushed have been kinda staying out of the button's way, who has just been dominating the final table. Whenever he would fold, this was the general play to go all-in from one of them, to take advantage of the others tightness. Sorry to show results, no other choice to see the
  2. Yeah, I fully expect QT clubs to check/raise the flop. I hope any other QT doesn't even call...Set of sevens probably should have raised the turn, but its possible, if he puts you on exactly what you have, to wait till the river to make his move...8T clubs does make a lot of sense here huh? Might be a fish playing AJ this way, but there are just too many broadway cards to a) think he is ALWAYS good and B) continue to trap, with that..I call in confusion?
  3. I have a roll of around 300$ on stars that I play within, so safe to say I don't accumulate a whole bunch of these. Last time I looked though, I was up to about 800FPP, and figure its time to use them on something. I used to play the 70FPP tourneys to the Sunday tourney, cause the play was bad and it was a good chance at 11 bucks to unregister for. I really hate that tourney though, and am kinda interested in the Turbo Takedown... but there are a gazillion sattys for it. With a "roll" of 800 or so FPP, whats the best way to liquidate it into real money?? I guess lead me to the best sattys
  4. +1000Glad it was said by someone better then I coould. I have never strattled in my life, and have made this argument a hundred times.
  5. Honestly?? Maybe the players who are checking, and getting all this thin value by the river from the villian's range, are just better at poker then me. Maybe its less +EV for you, but for me if I don't bet the flop I don't know what the hell I'm doing so it's the right play with my current poker skill. I just can't believe that you guys really play a hand like this and get several streets of value from all these mid pocket pairs, and AT which just keep betting at you (and bets we keep calling) more often then you just lose a big pot to a bigger pair or AK or something playing that way, a
  6. Yeah, I have shown a bluff, and I have shown an uncalled big hand, in certain specific circumstances... I have never shown a "look at this monster I folded" there is no benefit other then to show weakness. I call here with no reads, he could have AJ, A8, thats about all I see that beats us..My most likely hand is Ax of clubs...
  7. I loved this line of reasoning, this is the perfect answer. I am never folding AQ on the button here ever, but we gotta take the flop, I don't think the fe of pushing and getting called by a random UTG is worth the risk.
  8. Agreed. I seriously think that was a dumb concept, get used to stacking off light? I am coming to grips with the fact, that there may be no "right" way to play this hand, and a lot of that had to do with whatgreatis's thoughts about getting extra value from the hand. I still think c/b is my way of playing it, because I feel more comfortable not guessing and get the easiest value... But... I did not take JJ into a pot three-bet preflop, OOP, and say "boy, theres a king, I better get in 'stack off light' mode"
  9. well possibly a cooler but i think if he gets to the river and hits TT, without us betting before the river, I'd say it's our own bad play. That is not to say he won't call a bet on a prior street with TT, but its the exact reason we make him do it.
  10. haha even a Jack could suck...... but yes, I think this is just the most comfortable way to play the hand... I just don't see value anywhere else without some hero call you shouldn't really have the reads to make
  11. Didn't see the second post. Okay, well is fold equity the wrong word? Let's just say, we don't mind ending the hand here, and he folds here a decent amount of time here. I think the value in this hand is the current pot, not future streets, and that could really be bad poker thinking I have. It's more of an information bet that I have to make, because if we don't bet, he bets like ten, and we have no clue what we are calling with for more money. I really am prepared to win this hand two ways at this point...a) take it down with the flop bet, B) a cheap showdown after the flop bet, I just
  12. So your argument is that we don't c/b because it puts us in a complete guessing game against bluffs? Excuse me? If anything it gives us waaay more information. I have to put in that 8 dollars on the flop, to know what to do the rest of the hand. If you don't bet the 8 on the flop, you are going to be putting in a whole lot more guessing the rest of the way possibly calling his bets. Checking the turn is bad when? Are you saying its bad to check after a c/b is called? I don't think it is at all, I am not putting in anymore money with JJ there if I am called on the flop, maybe I am a nit.
  13. This is an easy call. His three-bet preflop is just full of hands we have crushed. I think not betting by at least the turn is a mistake, but I still think the only reason he is raising river is cause your hand looks so weak. If he shows up with TT here, it's your own fault.
  14. He is by far the most competent player at the table, and knows my style the best. He has never over-bet in his life that I have seen, which makes it all the more confusing. This is certainly not just this situation against an unknown, which is an easy fold. I did end up calling, out of confusion and the reasons you just gave, hoping to see 78, which I did, of clubs oops. I hit a ten of clubs on the river that I felt kinda gross about.
  15. You have to c/b flop, along the lines of 8.00, to have any clue where we are in this hand. We are looking for fold equity with that bet, if we are called, I just give up and hope for a cheap showdown, and if we are raised, I fold. I play this hand pretty black and white myself. The way you played the hand, and the small bet size on the river, I am re-raising you with missed AQ's and the like all day long. You must have bet the river as a blocking bet, so you wouldn't have to call more if he bet, to see if you are good.. but in honesty, the bet is so small that it asks for you to get played
  16. Heh, yes its tag-team poker. No, me, and any potential advisors on the hand become "we" Or if you like the Big Lebowski, "the royal we, man"I agree that it's not a good spot, but the over-bet confuses me, and we do have the ace clubs. Then again it was hard to find hands we were ahead of, as most bluffing on this type of turn would consist of a hand with precisely the ace of clubs. 88,99 w/ club?, 78 Some hands he might make this play with, and again, I have never seen an over-bet and usually he bets for value. Am I just trying to confuse myself into calling?
  17. Playing live with the usual crew...My image in this game is fairly loose, in a lot of pots, but my re-raise PF range I would imagine is fairly transparent. I make most of my money betting for value, and continuation bets, too many calling stations to do otherwise in this game. The current villian has a very good read on me and has made some pretty sick calls on me when he thought I was bluffing... anyways.. Limp by a player in MP, folds to my buddy in the CO (really agressive player, likes to try to be the table bully, makes some pretty loose calls, raises hands like 42suited all day long)
  18. It depends on your style. I play really loose, not really all that smart lol, and just try to bully the table in cash games. I am profitable at my style, and its way more entertaining. I guess I am a bit of an action player, so 6-max fits me. The format allows me to broaden my opening ranges, and I don't seem to get as much pushback from the tighter players. If you are more into exploiting small edges and the EV concept of poker, I think full ring is always going to be a better bet. It's easier to assign ranges to your opponents, play tighter, and as said earlier, I think the total of ho
  19. In reply to the first video (I did not watch any others) I am almost surprised to hear myself say this, really I am...I LOVE Frank Zappa, he is really intelligent, and one of my favorite musicians of all-time, HOWEVER...Although he usually gets his point across the best, especially compared to that Washington Post guy, I don't agree with him entirely. When he says things like would he want kids to see Sex on TV, and says yes? And has kinda the same view about kids listening to any offensive material? I mean, I understand that he feels the medium should not be censored, and that it's a pare
  20. AAAKAARIGGED DECK!seriously, I like this exercise
  21. Now thanks for the advice.. whether this crazy situation comes up again though.......
  22. So Results....You were all right, I was behind...The UTG original limper, and smooth caller, was the only who called my All-IN, showing Q6o for two pair... ace on a turn sealed his fateCrazy hand
  23. Was not all that worried about those two hands actually, well maybe JJ. But they would have to limp and then smooth call a raise?? I guess it's hard to argue common sense at this point in the hand though, but JQ was definately the hand I was most afraid of. The flop texture actually isin't all that bad though the more I think about it, since a pair (with that many players) or something low and sequential is a whole lot worse... anyways... Was actually wondering more about pre-flop.. but had to post the flop too, since it brings questions... I think that flop is a push though IMOYou are gonna
  24. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $8.00+$0.80 Tournament, 15/30 Blinds (9 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comCO (t2005)Button (t1840)Hero (SB) (t1940)BB (t3395)UTG (t1850)UTG+1 (t2330)MP1 (t1900)MP2 (t1150)MP3 (t1560)Hero's M: 43.11Preflop: Hero is SB with A, AUTG calls t30, UTG+1 calls t30, MP1 calls t30, MP2 calls t30, 1 fold, CO calls t30, 1 fold, Hero raises to t290, BB calls t260, UTG calls t260, UTG+1 calls t260, MP1 calls t260, MP2 calls t260, 1 foldFlop: (t1770) J, 6, Q(6 players)Hero bets t1650 (All-In)????, What is up with this table?? Ok two questions, should we j
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