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  1. A few days ago some one posted on here that the episode 2 torrent had been posted on flamevault.com.I downloaded it.It seems that now , that post has disappeared from this forum and so has the torrent on flame vault .Does any one know what happened to them? thanks
  2. have they played for the 300 k yet? and who won? thanks
  3. Imagine him reading that out... using his fingers to make speech marks every time.....i cant stop laughing
  4. He "loves" them ".Read" this "copy" of the "last" " part" of his" latest" " blog" "entry".In about 20 minutes the kid has me down about $45,000. Playing at those limits, that’s not enough to really “prove” anything, but I think later this week I’ll be giving him a "chance " to "bust" me for some" more" money. He is apparently one of the " best " online players around and I’m looking to " learn " a thing or two from him, honestly.It’s likely, that since he has more " experience " than I do playing online that he is the " favorite " . That’s ok with me, though, as I’ve always " thrived " on a
  5. Please listen to the white album an get back to us.thanks
  6. Here is how he ( and the rest of the big time pros) do it.Relentless agression based on position and reads.IE: Show pre flop strength by raising pre flop....with position.Then bet the flop... in position.Then scoop the pot, fold or reraise(3/4 of the pot,standard relentless,inevitable raise) based on your read and the other players action.Sound easy?well yes it does.But we have no hope of pulling this off as successfully as Ivey... as he can read people and situations and calculate variables objectivley better than any one,so he can make the correct raise or fold.....thats why he plays
  7. well yea.... thats why i said unrestricted buy in NL cash games ... i dont know of any 50c/$1 nl unrestricted buy in games( games under 10/20 nl are usually all restricted buy in).And what i meant about a super strong reads was that any good cash game player ( who would abviously be comfortable with the buy in) would eat this move alive....believe that....you try moving all in on draws in unrestricted buy in NL games against good players and see what happens.
  8. I have to agree witht the last comment.Moving over the top with outs is classic NL Holdem final table or 1table tournament play.If you sense weaknes , you put a guy on a decision for all his chips, with outs........this is a legitimate move.I dont want to patronize... but the idea in tournaments is to accumulate chips,with the escalating blinds, sometimes there are enough chips in the middle to justify making a play at them.The point has already been made that in a $5 sng its not such a strong move as you have to make plays against players who are capaple of folding.(either because they are w
  9. you sound like a complete fu**ing no class, piece of s**t idiot.Grow up.learn how to get it quietly.F**k off.
  10. Ok people.Go to poker pages.Look at the Howard lederer interview.Listen to what he says about the card player of the year points system, and what Daniel had to do to win it.I think he makes alot of sense....what do you think?...should we lobby for a change..to include buy-ins, fields sizes etc?jo
  11. blibberdy blabbedy,blibberdy blabbedy
  12. http://www.thehendonmob.com/MobForum/read....909&t=49862&v=t
  13. I cant really see a problem...In the final stages of a big tournament, with a huge amount of money at stake, you can take as long as you want to make a decision.It was Greenstiens decision not to call the clock on Simon.He musta had his reasons for this...he misplayed the river and in the end he was probably wanting a call as he figured his hand was good.Then he makes a bad call to the reraise.Simons play was just part of a Double bluff....and it worked he got Barry to call.(either by making Barry angry or by not looking confident)All Barry had to do was call the clock...thats what its there f
  14. i think you maybe right sherlock.....good piece of rationalizing.....no wonder u play poker
  15. In the latest interview at carplayer...a female dealer is interviewing David levy...half way through the interview Richard Belski takes over the mic....however as t the he dealer is getting up she seems to lunge at Belski as if she was going toland a smacker in his cheek... but she seems to change hermind at the last miniute.....if any ones is as bored as me please look at the clip and give me your opinionhttp://www.cardplayer.com/poker_videos/?tournament=93am I right? do i need to get a life?
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