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  1. Full Tilt is the easiest site to save hand histories, too. Folder path looks fine, but none of the tables I am observing are having the hand histories written to my hard drive. Anyone know how to correct this?
  2. Ok, because it certainly doesn't read that way when taken literally. Guess I should have assumed a little 'sw' at the end. My bad.
  3. I *think* you can set up a private freeroll on Full Tilt.
  4. Wasicka has said he folded the OESF draw because he thought Jamie Gold had a higher flush draw because of how quickly he went all-in and didn't seem to care if he was called.So if Paul's read is correct, he has way less outs than everyone is saying. Anyways, he's a very good player and would own almost anyone who has called him a donk, so who gives a f*ck?
  5. I suck at thinking up screen names but I want one that's a little creative and a little funny, but not too cliche like Jopke, etc. Was hoping some of you might have some good ones to offer up.some I've already thought of and haven't checked to see if they're taken ...lollercoasterfrunk_duckpokerinthecanno fat chickschesty mcboobsUm... yeah. See why I need help?
  6. Wow, you're really upset over this. Did you ask him out and he said no? Like other people said, he's a very good tournament player. He made some pretty sick calls and moves last year to get the results he did.
  7. Sbrugby is sick good, but don't ever count out Patrik's sucking out ability. He's a master at it.
  8. anyone know if they have plans to put these out on DVD?
  9. I got drunk on Chimay last night. Now that's some quality f*cking beer.
  10. Why does it not surprise me that this type of scumf*ck behavior is coming from California?After all, it's the same state where people sue for getting fat and dropping coffee on themselves. Have fun floating off into the Pacific someday. Yours,The East Coast
  11. How is LHE so much work? It's some basic math.
  12. Neighborhood # 2 - Arcade FireSHIPPPPPPPPPPPP
  13. When I was young people said I looked like Adam Banks from The Mighty Ducks.When I got older people said I looked like Rick Schroeder from the NYPD days. Meh. I can deal. Better than Danny DeVito.
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