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  1. You're getting like 2 1/2 to one if my calculations are correct and the only way you are drawing dead is if he flopped a higher flush.Easy call given you're description of the villain and the pot odds.
  2. I guarantee you he called the all in. The truth of the matter is the hero had such big draw that he didn't want to fold, knew he wasn't getting the right odds, so he just pushed all in.
  3. The idea of a blocker bet is to try to get a cheap showdown. If you're blocker bet gets raised, you throw it away. So if you want to call any, you should check-call any, or lead-fold, but lead-call any is a horrible line. After all if you bet 800, and he raises 1000 more, what could he possibly be raising you with?
  4. I really think if he had an 8 he would feel the need to protect his hand, he would see the three spades as something he needed to protect himself from. I think he would have played an 8 a lot faster, so I'm not giogn to put him on that. I like the blocker bet idea.
  5. I'm in as southrnctowl.Password is fcpfcp right?
  6. The shove is fine, you'll get called by a lot of hands worse than JJ. I might make a case for being cautious around the bubble, since you want to make the the money, then go for the win, but the shove is OK too.And just so you know a stop n go, is always done out of position, usually when you're in the BB. If UTG raises, and you call on his right, you can't do a stop n go. Ideally you have any two in the BB, aroudn 7-8x the BB, you call a standard raise, then push any flop to get more fold equity. Works well, especially if the raiser can't afford to call you without getting crippled.
  7. He's showing a lot of strength with his turn bet. If you think you're going to get him to fold, that's wishful thinking. What would be a more accurate statement is if you said, "Wow, look what a big draw I have! I know I'm not getting the right odds, but I don't want to fold, and I know I'm supposed to be aggressive so I'll just go all in and hope I catch."There's no real excuse, other than a total cooler, IMO, to go broke in the early stages of these donkaments. Remember you don't have to win every pot you play, and sometimes the straightforward play is the correct one. P.S. Fold this fl
  8. QFT.Fold preflop too. I think too many people complete with too wide a range of hands just because they think they are getting good odds. What you should also take in to consideration, is that you're going to be OOP for the rest of the hand. You should also ask yourself, what hand am I looking to flop exactly with J 8 offsuit besides top two pair or a straight? More often than not you're going to be stuck facing a tough decision out of position on an 8 high or J high board. So while that 15 chips may seem insignificant now, it's going to cost you more money than it earns in the long run,
  9. No one else is worried about J 9? I don't think we have any pair outs here about half the time, since he probably raises A J pre, so his most likely holding is K J or J 9, or Q J or J 10. And he isn't going to put you on a big hand since you showed weakness in the Big Betty.This play is way too aggressive for me, especially for your tournament life. I never like getting all my money in as a 2 to 1 dog, (or maybe slightly better than that if a K is in fact an out, but we can't count on that)His raise is barely a minraise, so he has given us proper odds to chase anyways. Sometimes the straig
  10. As for the HU strategy aspects, I feel it is extremely important to be raising the button almost every time, and checking your option in the big blind, or folding against a tough opponent. Against a weak opponent however, you will have a significant edge in positition. Therefore if you are bringing it in for 500 on the button everytime, your playing the pots in position, for 1000 chip pots going to the flop, and the pots you play OOP for only 400, (or 450 if there are antes).As for your play in this specific hand, the bet on the flop is fine, because 2/3 times your lone pair of deuces is goi
  11. You wound up making a good call but when I play these lower buy in tournaments, a checkminraise almost always means the nuts.If you had a read on this one guy, thats cool, but it's just a pattern that I've picked up on.
  12. Yeah especially if you have folded to his re-shoves recently, this is an instacall. I would defend the raise in your spot with as little as 22 or A 9. If you don't show people you're going to call when you raise in position, they're just gonna keep running you over.
  13. QFTEspecially if he quickly called i would put him on a draw that didn't get there on the turn.I think it's pretty unlikely he has a 9 so I would just shove.
  14. Depends if you put him on a steal or not. Has he been raising a lot of pots? Got any stats? Without a read I would probably let it go so you don't get into a spot where you're dominated.
  15. I think he has J 10.But I am a donkey so I pay it off.
  16. Yeah thats what I figured. That's what I did and he hemmed and hawed and finally folded.
  17. OK so the villain in this hand is to my right. He is usually a 10-20 player, but the table is full, so he is killing time at the 1-2 game while he waits. He is up a lot, and has been playing fearlessly well. He is a fast talker, and apparently not a bad poker player.Hero holds 8 2 off in the small blind. Most of the table limps, including villain on the button.Pot is like 10 or 12 dollars.Flop K 8 8.Hero leads out for $6. Folds to villain who pops it to $15. Hero calls.Turn 7.Hero checks, villain bets $20, hero raises to $40, villain calls.River, 2.Ok so now the pot is a little over $100
  18. My biggest win ever!!! Holy crap!!!What a play at the end right?!AHHH im kind of a loser for being like this but I'm so exciiiited!!!
  19. Meh, QJ suited, i was thinking about calling cuz i was getting over 2 to 1, but i thought i could be dominated.Usually i fold a hand like that to a raise but the guy who brought it in was pretty weak so i called with high suited connectors in position. It was marginal to the all in.
  20. this was the last $2 in my account lol, bankrollmanage-aments
  21. anyone catch my massive bluff with 3 5 offsuit?Jaime Gold style
  22. final table of a 2 dollar tourney.1200+ entrantssouthrnctowl on stars2/9Come cheer me on
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