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  1. Contrary to what most people think, you dont have to know what you have in order to be awarded the pot. At a casino, all you have to do is turn your cards over and the dealer will tell you whether or not you have won. This is most common when I play Omaha 8/b, and people dont know whether or not they have anything, but applies to all tables as well. In a home game, since there is no dealer usually, I would assume that everyone should do their part to point out the winner. Furthermore, for the guy who said that you couldn't say anything because you weren't in the hand, that is irrelevant, e
  2. If he is a calling station and he raises you, I think you have to give him credit for a hand bigger than one pair. He could have your flush draw beat already, or he could have flopped aces up and be protecting from a flush draw. Remember if you have him pegged as a calling station, you shouldnt be trying to move him off a hand. What happened btw?
  3. We just added TD to the mixed limit games we play once a week at a card club I go to regularly. Someone said that he thought you could draw up to four on each street. I've played it a little on PS and you can draw up to 5 on all streets. Anyone know for sure? I had to read Daniels section of supersystem so I would have some clue as to what i was doing. Did pretty well in the round of triple draw.
  4. I wonder if Chrisofspades is black or white
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