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  1. I love playing against people like the minraiser because they are such an open book. When they bet small they are weak, but when they bet huge they have the nuts, like literally every single time. Calling the river here is inexcusable.I would reraise more preflop. I would make it like something ridiculous, like 260-300. Pppl like the mayor of clowntown here dont' like giving up once they've committed chips, you'd be surprised how often an absurd reraise will get called in that spot. You could even justify shoving the flop as well I think. PS Elton is the shizz

  2. OK I hate your line.The tester bet on the flop is fine with me, see if anyone has the queen. At micro stakes, they are pretty much going to slowplay the flop every time, then make a small raise on the turn. The way I would play it is the same as you, preflop and on the flop.On the turn, I would bet the 350 or so, and fold to a minraise. This way you can find out if he has the FD, the 6, or the Q as cheaply as possible without losing the lead in the hand. If he calls and its a safe river I would bet for value, and again fold to a raise. With the river card that came, I would check, and call a bet 1/4-1/3 the size of the pot. As played you have to fold the river. These people just don't bluff often enough to make that call profitable. The line you took on the turn and river is way too spewy.

  3. I would have to assume we have the best hand on the turn. I would raise the turn to 250 or so. If he re-minraises the turn raise I fold, If he calls and checks the river I would probably bet for value, unless you're afraid of the flush, but I think a worse queen is a big part of his range. As played, I don't mind the value bet on the river but I probably would have bet a little less. Once he raises though you have to fold. A river c/r and low stakes is like never ever a bluff.As for you guys who are putting him on a set, give me a break. I agree that he probably has us beat on the river and its possible he has 88, but you cant just go putting people on sets all the damn time, especially at the lower levels, that's a really weak mindset. I think 88 represents a very small percentage of his range.

  4. I am never folding 10 10 there given those odds.These are $1 donks dude, not tight aggressive sharks. You have both of their ranges destroyed and folding here is certainly a mistake.

  5. I'll just comment on making a living playing STTs. I tried it for awhile, when I was almost broke from the variance of MTTs, but I quickly got bored with it. It's more like work than playing poker. If you are 6-15 tabling, which I assume you would be, it's so mechanical that it's not even fun. There is no other glory in poker like that of winning an MTT. When you play SNGs and become an expert, there is always a correct play, there is never any discussion or shades of gray. For me that is too boring. I enjoy making reads and acting on them, and getting to the final table. After awhile, I just built up a bigger roll for MTTs so that I could handle the swings.

  6. Limping is a huge mistake. Open raise, and it's not close.Flat calling a massive raise and a reraise is a huge mistake. They aren't both going crazy with TT or 99 here.Folding is a pretty simple decision against two players shoving.
    Folding to the button's re-raise is 100% standard.
    I disagree. In a $4.40 180, JJ is definitely not a hand we fold pretty much ever. If i were you I would have standard raised, and shoved on any min re raise. No Question.
  7. Hey Every body! Just wanted to let all of you who know me know that I just started a new blog. The link is in my signature below. I've been plugging it in strat, where I mainly post, except for rail calls. So if you have some free time, check it out and let me know what you think, either by posting a comment on the page, or replying to this thread.Thanks!

  8. Fold.Also stop n go's in general are stupid. If you get him to fold a better hand like 88 on an AK 9 flop, then you turned your hand into a bluff, so you might as well do it with any two. It's pretty obvious when you're doing it, and I don't fold to them as much as others. I make a lot of hero calls in obvious stop n go spots. In the case where you think he has AK, and you want to see a non AK flop, you're giving up equity in the hand. (which by the way is not the case here) So in general I just dont use that play in my arsenal.There is pretty much no hand we're beating here. His range is 88-QQ IMO, he's not folding to a shove.Also, check out my new blog below.

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