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  1. Wow, trying to lose is way harder than I thought
  2. dammit....that's what I thought
  3. Does FT allow you to sell seats...cause I'm about to take down a tourney and I'd rather have the 2nd place prize of $100 than the ticket to the next tourney.
  4. Best case scenario: She drinks the drink and goes on to play like Phil and wins numerous WSOP bracelets and becomes rich beyond her wildest dreams.Worse case scenario: She starts to act like Phil and begins complaining about stupid sh-t that's beyond her control......oh wait......
  5. The fees are a little much, but I have nothing but good things to say about MyWebATM
  6. I subscribe to official poker rankings so this is all I have....asdf9999 Playing at PokerStars n/a Overall OPR Rank: n/a of 501,949 Goto rank (n/a) n/a PokerStars: n/a of 266,528 Goto rank (n/a) OPR Rank Selected Click for Prize Rank Click for Profit RankLast 120 daysHold'em NLHold'em L/PLOmahaOmaha Hi loOther Games Prizes$35$0$0$0$0$35 Profit<$0$0$0$0$0<$0 ROI-96%0%0%0%0%-96% ABI$130$0$0$0$0$130 ITM1/70/00/00/00/01/7 ITM14%0%0%0%0%14% ITM Pos.1st 02nd 03rd 04-10. 0Other 1 1 FinishedE 0% (10%)EM 0% (20%)M 86% (40%)ML 14% (20%)L 0% (10%)
  7. Wellplayed.blogspot.comAllinonadraw.blogspot.comwheresmyrebuy.blogspot.comfreerollin.blogspot.comWow...these all suck a$$, nevermind
  8. how about droptheflop.blogspot.com (I have no idea where it came from, just sounded good...lol)Screw it, I'm gonna start my own blog and use it.
  9. Wow what a dik...but good luck anyway gator!
  10. there's just something about the word adieu...I can't get enough of it
  11. I only watch golf when I need to take a nap ...but to answer your question, I'm rooting for one of the old school guys like Ben Crenshaw.
  12. Poker has such huge swings...both highs and lows, it's not really hard to see why some of these players might experience either of these disorders.
  13. I swear they're the only 2 words that Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak use on PAD and HSP. It's getting a bit played out...lol, like they care what I think. Awww screw it, I'm a d0uche.
  14. Sweetaments...haha my first ever "aments"
  15. Do these ever get going on FT? Just Curious
  16. Locks:Me MyselfISomewhat debatable:My shadowMy avatarDNPhil Ivey
  17. 42.68%...I usually limp and get beat by ...my post-flop play is horrid.
  18. Screw Foxwoods...spend an extra day or two at Fenway and Yankee Stadium
  19. Quite possibly 6 of the best words ever uttered on the forum
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