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  1. I want to stab Charlie Manuel in the face. Did he really need to add a third outfielder from his team who is only batting ~.270? $#@$ing homer douchebag
    LOL..relax bro, step back from the ledge. It's just the all-star game, it's not life and death. You must be one of those guys that was voting like 100x/minute lol...maybe next year.
  2. I know you have a cadre of 16-21 year old boys who think you are special, but could you do your dance for them elsewhere. it's boring.
    there aren't possibly enough of these :club: to express how awesome this post is.
  3. However I think he shouldn't be there in the first place. He doesn't deserve it.
    of course he shouldn't be there, and he should recognize this and let a deserving player take his place...especially because he's coming off the DL. And the fact that he probably won't step aside, is just another example of why the all star game will continue to be nothing more than a complete joke and waste of time.
  4. Yeah if it was me, I would play.
    so if you had just come off the DL, your first priority would be to rush back in time for the all-star game? Cause mine would be to come back healthy and take the few extra days off so I could help my team in their stretch run...and most smart Rangers fans should want the same
  5. Why wouldn't he play? Just because the system is stupid, doesn't mean he should deem his own opinion more important than the fans' that voted. Well, gee, thanks to all the Ranger's fans for all the votes, but since there are obviously more people that think I shouldn't be there but they didn't have the time or care enough to vote, I decline.
    if you think this is the reason he shouldn't be there, then you're just ignorant...or playing ignorant.
  6. I think Christians and atheists alike can agree that is clearly immoral to allow retarded children into leadership positions in the democrat party
    can i make this my sig even tho it's a FYP? I'm not up on my sig etiquette.
  7. Texas Rangers are really getting the votes out for their players.Kinsler 1st at 2nd base while batting .268 with 50 RBI'sYoung 4th at 3rd base batting .310Andrus 3rd at SS while batting .263Saltalmachia 4th at catcher while batting .250Hamilton 3rd in the OF while on the D.L. and batting .240
    Biggest joke of this years "All-Star" voting by far. I, for one, will lose a lot of respect for Hamilton if he accepts the vote and decides to play.
  8. this is how I see it unfolding: -McNair is at Dave and Busters a bunch of times, and he sees a hot twenty year old with a tight body, cute face, and gets her phone number. McNair is cheating on his wife pretty frequently, but he is dating women where he can keep it low profile because he does not want the news to be public (he is not dating an actress or model, but even more than that he is not dating women that have the ability to go to the media. A waitress from D&B has no ability to do anything). -He has rented an apartment in a neighborhood where he does not live, and where no one really knows him, to take girls to and to hook up. -The waitress from Dave & Busters is extremely excited. This is the best thing that has ever happened in her life. She is dating Steve McNair! -In the few months that they "date" he always meets her at this booty-call apartment. He does not introduce her to his friends or family. He takes her to eat and hang out at out-of-the-way locations where he will not be recognize or he does not take her out at all. -The girl begins to realize the actual situation. She is not even a mistress: she is a booty-call and nothing else. He is not going to marry her, have children with her, or in any way make her a part of his life. -The girl has a history of mental illness and very likely was either sexually abused as a child or lost her virginity at a very young age (12-14). She is emotionally and psychologically unstable. -On July 4th, a day of family celebrations, the girl is waiting at home for a call from Air McNair. He is at a BBQ and other events with his family. She is waiting at home to hear from him. Finally, he calls and says let's meet at the apartment as usual. She decides that after they have sex this time she will ask him some variation of the "where is this going?" question. She will want to know if she has any future with him. She has put up with a lot, and it seems like he doesn't care. -After they have sex she asks him. He responds with some variation of "if you're going to act all crazy I can move on to someone else. I have a reputation to protect. I care about you but everything has to be a secret for the sake of my career." -He goes to the bathroom to wash up. She is absolutely distraught. She picks up his semi-automatic gun. He comes back and lays down. She kills him and then kills herself.It is a really sad event. There are possibly some slight variations in the story from what I have put above, but I would bet money that this is very close to the actual way that things occurred.gmanshade
    I think you're wrong...Vacation photos
  9. Is the only requirement for being a good buy not being in an adulterous relationship with a 20 year old woman? The amount of wealthy men, not just athletes, but men in general who have been in adulterous relationships with younger women is staggering, and I don't think that takes away from the things they do for the community. You can be a great guy, and be a cheater, imo.
    You can be a cheater and still be a nice person, but I wouldn't call any cheater a "great guy/girl."
  10. Just saw on ESPN that a gun was next to the female's body. Sure looks like murder-suicide.
    courtesy of CBS sports: " Nashville police say former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was shot multiple times and that the 20-year-old woman found dead with him in a downtown condominium on Saturday was shot once in the head. A pistol was found near her body."
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