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  1. Far be it from me to get involved in a "religion thread." But i think most Christians believe that Christ is truth, not religion. I'm a Christian, and I would never say that religion is truth. Religion and The Church has done more harm to Christianity than good. We are usually our own worst enemy. It just sounds like most of the argument in this thread has to do with religion and not Christ, which is what the book "A case for CHRIST" is really about. It's not called "A case for religion," just saying.
  2. I'm an A's fan and was watching the game last night. When I heard the news on the radio this morning I was in complete shock. So surreal to have watched somebody pitch a game (or do anything for that matter) just hours before his death. Prayers go out to his family and to the families of those in the car with him...such sad news.
  3. not sure if I should PM you, but I'm definitely interested.
  4. Before they started accepting my debit card again, I was using the VISA prepaid cards, but it had to be the VISA "All Acess" gift card. A lof of stores including most grocery stores carry the "gift card mall" VISA's and Master Cards as well, those absolutely will NOT work...so make sure you grab the right one. Hope that's helpful and gl.
  5. I'm showing the Angels at -120 most of the sportsbooks. So your 40 to my 33? or something like that, I'm not sure. Either way I'll take this for $40. Won't be able to ship til tomorrow though if that's cool with you, if not it's no problem, gl.
  6. The "word" Christian may have evolved in some "Christian" circles (which is pure crap imo), but Christ hasn't. Just because some of his "followers" may have "evolved" doesn't mean he's changed. He's the same today as he was yesterday, and will be tomorrow. His message and his purpose don't change, no matter what some "Christians" may believe. But i'm sure I'll be called unenlightened so whatever.
  7. I can honestly say that I don't know 1 single Christian that believes a word of this. Not sure which group of Christians you've been hanging out with.
  8. LMAO, let it go bro...let it go, now you just sound like a pathetic stalker. GG tho.
  9. I'm so glad my Skins didn't get him, I woulda probably had to endure another "The Skins win the Superbowl of March/April" thread lol. Gotta love the Dan Snyder haters lol.
  10. Anybody for up for a $5 or $10 LL for the 1/4 million?
  11. no worries about the delay, it was an early/long night for me too lol. Yeah you can ship FT, name is glew28, avatar is the gnome, location letter should be D
  12. I don't have any $$$ on FT atm, do you have a Stars account?
  13. GG guys, thanks for running!!
  14. nice job u guys. I'm heading out for a bit, have fun and gl!
  15. LOL, no need to ship back...Congrats on the UCONN game though! I won a little bet with Uconn -6, glad that last layup didn't go in haha.
  16. GG sir, sick fade on that last second layup. Amlew56(dublin).
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