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  1. it's like crack for the MLB hardcore.
  2. Pardon My NutzBustin your NutzAce Holes......and I'm spent
  3. if it's street cred that you're lookin for, you can always go with "Fiznish and Chiznips."
  4. now if only you could put this all together into one cohesive thought...meh gg's I guess. Not like there were any blowouts, so there's really nothing to get too excited about. You all are 10-4 which is good, but the key words here are 10-4, as in only 14 games into the season. Let's talk at the half way point.
  5. A classic example of why you shouldn't talk trash until the game is over...lmoa!!
  6. I might take you up on this, but 5 hundo is a bit out of my BR right now.
  7. I can definitely live with 2 out of 3 from the Angels and Boston. Meh, the M's run won't last long, but the scary thing is...they're doing it w/out Ichiro.
  8. out, decided to take a stand with AK and ran into AA.thanks for the stake sir, gl to whoever is still in.
  9. i now realize why i don't play HE that often, these people call with any 2, even after completely bricking the flop lol.
  10. I'll run if you want me to. I even have a sad story. I'm in Vegas right now and have had a pretty bad case of food poisoning all day. My buddies have been out all day and I'm sitting here on FCP :(Amlew56 (Dublin) if picked.
  12. Just saw the date for this, I will still be in Vegas on the 15th (small brag lol). Go ahead and give my spot to someone else. Good luck to all those playing.
  13. "but the problem is there is no religion without the church. They invented the thing, and they get to say what it means"Actually the church doesn't get to say anything. The church doesn't tell me what to believe, the Bible does, why doesn't that register with you? Christ commands us Christians to "Go and make disciples of all the nations." He didn't say "Go and erect large buildings with pews and call them churches." We ARE the church. The church as an organization (which is how most people see it) is flawed, because people are flawed. "There would be no Christianity without the Christia
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