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  1. Be careful at Mystere, I got pulled up onstage like 4 years ago by sitting in the 2nd row.
  2. And you will continue to be a complete douche. If you would just slow down and relax a little bit you piece of crap, you would have maybe understood my post a little better. My point was that a Giants fan was saying "hopefully Lincecum will pull one out." Not once in my post did I say anything bad about your precious little darling. So do yourself a little favor and back up off the "reply" button until you know what hell you're talking about kthnx.
  3. What a difference a year makes...the words "hopefully" and "Lincecum can pull one out" would have never been uttered in the same sentence last year.Just an observation.
  4. GG's..Not sure if you ship on Stars or FTP...FTP - glew28 (D)Stars - amlew56 (Dublin)
  5. I'll take Dallas and the Lakers for 15 each, glgl.
  6. glew28 (D)sure, I'll let you pay double if you want lol.
  7. We should send Charles Manson in to interrogate the terrorist imo.
  8. I won't be able to play, but I will give away 1 stake the Neg-O...50/50 nsbHave at the very least 500 postsI don't care about your ROI or jokes lol. Just be someone that I semi-know.GOGOGOGOGOGO!!
  10. bad beats usually cause this as well
  11. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite posters. You're remind me of BG...on crackroids.
  12. you crack me up...in a good way, not in a "roll my eyes" kinda way.
  13. 2 more...Brass Rail Poker LeagueGrinders, Donkey's, Fish and Chips or GDFC for short lol.
  14. wow, such doom and gloom from the Sharks fans in here. Am I the only one who still thinks they can come back in this series?
  15. LOL, the last time I checked the Blue Jays weren't a playoff team either. Let's all just relax.
  16. What is with all the ghey beers in this thread...j/s.
  17. First TrueAce wins the WSOP seat, now this...good to see some of the newer blood doing well. Nice job fellas.
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