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  1. http://rawstory.com/blog/2009/05/conservat...s-waterboarded/Conservative radio hosts gets waterboarded, and lasts six seconds before saying its tortureChicago radio host Erich "Mancow" Muller decided he'd get himself waterboarded to prove the technique wasn't torture.It didn't turn out that way. "Mancow," in fact, lasted just six or seven seconds before crying foul. Apparently, the experience went pretty badly -- "Witnesses said Muller thrashed on the table, and even instantly threw the toy cow he was holding as his emergency tool to signify when he wanted the experiment to stop," according to NBC Chicago."The average person can take this for 14 seconds," Marine Sergeant Clay South told his audience before he was waterboarded on air. "He's going to wiggle, he's going to scream, he's going to wish he never did this."Want more stories like this? Check out the front page of RawStory.com.Mancow was set on a 7-foot long table with his legs elevated and his feet tied."I wanted to prove it wasn't torture," Mancow said. "They cut off our heads, we put water on their face...I got voted to do this but I really thought 'I'm going to laugh this off.' "The upshot? "It is way worse than I thought it would be, and that's no joke," Mancow told listeners, likening it to a time when he nearly drowned as a child. "It is such an odd feeling to have water poured down your nose with your head back...It was instantaneous...and I don't want to say this: absolutely torture.""Absolutely. I mean that's drowning," he added later. "It is the feeling of drowning.""If I knew it was gonna be this bad, I would not have done it," he said.
    you left out one minor detail...just saying.
  2. This is taking forever to fill up... never seen it take this long...Anyone watching the Nugget game?
    I didn't think it would take this long either, I'm actually gonna unreg and ship back if you don't mind. I appreciate the stake sir, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to stay up this long lol. Thanks again man, maybe another time.
  3. I actually laughed out loud. Thank you, that rarely happens on the forums.Your contradiction here is so mind numbingly staggering that it is blinding in its stupidity. (No, that isn't slanderous, because you are being stupid and I literally suffered momentary blindness while reading your post, and am therefore merely stating fact.) To go from: lol, I believe no one has the right to insult people or try to make them change their faith. I believe everyone should be fully entitled to believe in what they want to believe in, so long as it is not harmful to others. to stating: That's what I believe. Who are you to tell me that what I say is wrong. followed directly by:If you use that argument, there's not really any reason for having this forum. Nearly every thread consists of someone making a statement and someone else disagreeing with it. If each time this happend, you could claim "You can't say he is wrong, he is entitled to his opinion". Well then this whole thing would get pretty reduntant.is so preposterous that I can only think that at least 30% of those who read your post will ultimately suffer cancer as a result. (That might be a little slanderous.)I mean, seriously? You can't see your hypocrisy here? One sentence right after the other. Seriously?You say that it would be redundant and that the argument would be stupid if someone said, "You can't say he's wrong", and then the very next sentence say "That's what I believe, who are you to tell me that what I say is wrong."Haha, seriously?I am still laughing. I am bouncing as I strike the keys because the laughs are coming from the gut.So awesome.
  4. Fine, I'll start the damn thread. I have no shame. I'm the guy that's seen every episode of One Tree Hill, has My Boys on Tivo season pass and has watched John Tucker Must Die at least 4 times.
    Gheyest show I've ever watched (and liked)...new thread idea?
  5. LOL at the redskins. They give the Dolphins a 2nd rounder and a 6th rounder for Jason Taylor.....he sucks for them for a year.....they cut him.....and the Dolphins get Taylor back on the cheap just in case he has anything left (and I bet he has a great year for the money.) However, Daniel Snyder has "F you" money and doesn't bat an eye. When approached for comment, D. Snyder had this to say..."Jason who?" "Isn't that the ghey dancer?"Parcells $1,000,000...Snyder $500,000,000,000
  6. what the fuck do you mean, he doesn't have the right to insult people? Who the fuck are you to determine what rights I or Spademan or anyone else has. My buddies died face down in the mud so that Spademan could insult religious people.
    wait, isn't that what Jam-Fly was doing? "exercising his right" to say let people believe what they want to believe? So what you're saying is Spademan's right to insult people outweighs Fly's right to say "people can believe what they want?" Not sure what this argument proves, other than the fact that your buddies died for our right to free speech.
  7. Even money the Canucks win in 6 or less. Up to $50. This also made me wonder about a long-term prop bet. What do people think would be a good line on a major Chicago(big 4, yes including hockey) franchise winning a championship in the next decade? You figure that's 40 seasons. -200 to win one in that time frame sound about right? That made sound much too low. I'm biased, but seriously, anyone?
    lol, I just read the words on your av for the first time.
  8. Without a doubt it's when playing live poker and your standard 35-50 year old donk uses all the stupid ass card nicknames constantly.Cowboys is probably the worse. Then Ladies, and god, if they say Bitches, auto tag them as a fucking moron. Rockets, Big Slick, Hooks or Fishhooks. So annoying!!Usually it's as they're turning the cards over to showdown their hand, or telling you a story about some other hand or bad beat. God, it just goes on all day long.
    This!! There's a guy where I play who does this annoying crap all the time. Not exactly sure why, but I call it the "Greg Raymer."
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