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  1. not that crazy pretty standard bad bead, not really worth of a f'n wow.JJ < 33 is worse to put it into perspective
  2. Sens are siiiiickkk, id realy love to know where serge comes off talking shit? "they will struggle to make the playoffs" oh you mean kinda like the toronto maple leafs who have not been in the playoffs for over 3+ years now? great one serge! the sens are once again gonna be making serious noise in the Eastt. Send my good neighbour richardson ( beauty pad right on the waterhere in 0-town) down to Bingo to show the young lads what it takes to play in the show. Maybe give him a few games with the big guys too b.c. he deserves it for what hes done in the league. Forsberg would be a great pick
  3. play super aggressive anytime you hit a semi big to big hand.pretty simpleany good poker player will tell you they love donkeys yum yum
  4. I was simply curious to know how A-Mak did results wise after receiving a butt load of help,stake, lessons etc. Not trying to be harsh, just trying to be real. I am not here to be friends with everyone and make everyone feel good. I just want to know what his results were, if he was able to capitalize on an unbelieavable opportunity from Daniel etc.Life is harsh and maybe A-Mak just sucks at poker
  5. just let us know when you win a WSOP bracelet, you idiot.Seriously one of the stupidest posts I have seen in a long time. What site do you play, Screen name, results, etc. I would love to see what kinda numbers you put up in the poker world .
  6. uhmmmmmmmm are you kiddin me bud? Flat calling?? LMAO.......Push it all in and get paid.
  7. its possible you got levelled and the guy with KJ knew you were pushin weak
  8. look for for the polski to have a big second year with avs.gonna but up nice stats and be huge contributor to offence
  9. ship the eastern conference to the sens.....holla.sorry pens fans - playoffs arent in your future any time soon.and i heard from a pretty credible source in the 'A' that crosby has gotten into a new habit over the summer....hmm can you say nose candy?thatll be the end of his steller career. just look what the drug did to wade redden
  10. so you failed at this years WSOP im guessing?
  11. gotta love WIFI on private planes...thats right, yours truly got asked to hop on a jet with a few old hunting buddies to check out some hockey action in ANAGO SENS GO BABY
  12. YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAA BoYYYi have been floating on cloud 9 since the historic win 8 days agoits been great in ottawa, the city is electricwhos going to the home games? and away games for that matter??its gonna be one helluva seriesill be at games 3, 4, 6 and 7 if necc.go sens goits swagger time
  13. INSHALLAH sens wi lll winnuf saidwhos joining me on the red mile?
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