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  1. Ive gotten sooooooooooooo much better since 2005 and play nothing like SSHE. I play GOOD.thanks for the ups though!
  2. decided to start giving lessons in lhe and i figured this would be a good place to put up a post. Im a SOLID lhe player as well as 2-7 td, nlhe and lo8 are my "working" games. I learned from steve mandel fwiw, part of s7s. IM me if you are interested.
  3. i got some money on fulltilt that i want on pokerstars. if anyone is down to make a trade IM me. its only like 4k. im an old school poster, ask around and you should know that im honest.
  4. noone wants to cap the flop against a basic unknown?
  5. it doesnt. compared to nlhe you should defend ALOT more.
  6. yea jamie i wasnt even going to ask about 3-betting range. Thanks though, im not playing bad from BB.
  7. have you tried contacting support? They helpful
  8. I actually read most of this (long post )that said im not the best player at all games. lhe you should defend you BB a lot, like way more than in nlhe. limping is generally a bad play. isolate limpers and try not to limp yourself unless you are overlimping the hijack or better. bet/bet/bet/bet in lhe 2-7 is a lot like lhe. if you are drawing less cards that OPP, bet/bet/bet. dont slowplay.these games im real good at if you have any other questions PM me. The other games I kinda suck at. Just have my poker brain database to go off of.
  9. you trying to ruin my thread, man?
  10. its deuce, man. triple draw is full of mistakes. I used to play the 30/60 and that game was fishy, now it looks a lot tougher. The games below it, though, are still fishy.
  11. after a long hiatus im killing it.I hope to be back to robusto next month. Paying back my backer this month will be nice.running 2.5BB/100 over 15k hands at 5/10 through 10/20, some 8/16 in the mix. all lhekilling 2-7 on stars.hopefully get in like 20k hands and run good.
  12. What's in a handle? I see guys sometimes with poker names and instantly think "weak". My name is one that I think generates a lot of action from people.Kinda brings me to my point. What kind of image do you want at a table and what do you do to get it? (Both early on in the session and deep into it)
  13. From the BB how much do you defend?K4o?K2s?98o?74o?please feel free to elaborate on if stats change your opinion or image or anything.
  14. BB has like AA, KK, or QQ everytime and pays off with all of it except AA 100% of the time probably. CO probably has an underful. im too busy to imput more than that.EDIT: i kinda doubt he bets the river with Aces
  15. i like raising the river, too. thx for the advice yall
  16. hes aggressive, thats all i really know.
  17. got AK and hit it up UTG only the BB calls. 5/10 full. His stats were something like 18/12/1.5flop comes ATT he check and calls.Turn is another T, he checks, I check....anyone think this is stupid?
  18. 5/10 full. This guys stats were something like 27/18/2.7 after a good amount of hands...400 or so.I raise the SB with As2s and get called by the BB.flop comes J72r i bet and get calledturn is a 3 i bet and get raised....i 3-betanyone like this?
  19. depends, but it doesnt sound too bad
  20. i dont reraise preflop with ATs from the BB even to TRY and knock out the limper. After the cap I would probably c/r the flop and see what happens there. Too bad no reads, some people will cap some bull...
  21. I think i've actually seen THE Jfarrel playing deuce before. Someone must have thought his idea was pretty smart. lol
  22. I fold it sometimes preflop. I wanted to 3-bet this guy but I could always fold.
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