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  1. I have a $50 All-Access Gift Card and can't get it on Pokerstars or Full Tilt. Can anyone help me out? Different site? somewhere I can send it into?Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the support. Just as I entered the final table my fing mouse stoped working completly. Tried to fix it or find another and couldn't. oh well i guessThanks anywayVinny VinhYou guys kill me.later
  3. pokerstars 54722465s/n btrthnupoker6 players left
  4. Thanks guys Had to move thereDon't think there was anything else to do
  5. It looked like aces after the hands ive seen
  6. Sorry that makes it boringThanks Anyway!!!!
  7. Pokerstars Tournament 54722438s/n btrthnupoker
  8. VISA All Access Gift Card is the one to use for PS now!
  9. Which site?Pokerstars I used Pre Paid Visa Cash to Go Cards From WalgreensHope you get the help you need!
  10. Actuallly I believe it depends on whether or not they serve alcohol. Do= 21 Don't= 18
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