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  1. He is leavinghttp://www.casinocitytimes.com/news/articl...ontentID=165669"Negreanu may end poker endorsement deal with Full ContactBy Ryan McLane1 May 2007Daniel Negreanu, one-time owner and long-time front man for Full Contact Poker, is seeking other endorsement opportunities now that his FCP contract is about to expire, his public relations company said."We haven't made any decisions but likely will soon," said Brian Balsbaugh, CEO of Negreanu's management firm Poker Royalty. "As you can imagine, Daniel is a hot commodity."Full Contact's apparent reluctance to re-sign Negreanu is similar to Absolute Poker's move earlier this year to release their endorsement deals with poker players and focus on alternative advertising.Negreanu has been reluctant to sign with other sites in the past, focusing his attention on his original home at FCP. There, Negreanu interacts with players and updates both his written and video blogs almost daily.A player with Negreanu's multi-media star power is sure to attract attention from most of the premier online poker sites, but for now, Negreanu is just weighing options."We haven't made any decisions but likely will soon," Balsbaugh said. "
  2. Hi,I like to play with little raise on tournaments as you describe your small-ball play on your blog, raising 2.5bb with every handBut I would like to know how you play preflop with big pairs AA KK QQ with a raise in front of you.Do you try to trap ? Do you allmost raise to isolate ? how much ?waiting for your book to know all your strategyGiorgio
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