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  1. If he's averaging 20 tables, that is pretty impressive.Pretty rough 200k hand break even stretch preceding the tournament score though.
  2. I thought he played well at the final table, but im not sure if that kind of hype is justified. im sure he does well for himself, but judging by tableratings, he does it through an insane work ethic rather than owning peoples souls and crushing tough games.
  3. the guy who won is a close friend of mine... was trying to get a flight out but none would land soon enough to make it. i think his "amateur" angle was way overplayed. he's made a lot online and was possibly buying in if he didnt qualify. his tournament record is actually even sicker than winning just this one.....http://www.cardplayer.com/players/results/...ya-Nazari/80086he's played about 10 live tournaments lifetime (not counting small local ones), he has 7 cashes, 5 final tables, and 2 wins. of course i had a piece of him in one where he didnt cash, and in the other 10k where he basic
  4. they just made the pay.which with my cut, puts me like 1/3rd of the way to even on the trip.yippee.
  5. i doubt he had queens (or any hole pair for that matter).
  6. he just lost a bit in a preflop confrontation with little.i didnt see the beginning, but it looks like daniel 3bet, little 4bet the rest in and daniel folded after a couple minutes of deliberation.
  7. since that AT hand, he was also involved in a biggish hand where he called Little's turn and river bet with 99s (i think). little had AQ unpaired with the Q of clubs, and it was a K high board with 3 clubs.I think he's somewhere in the 250k range. It's hard to tell.
  8. coming back from the break, daniel was at (i would estimate) about 85k.
  9. i can do updates again if anyone wants.... im pretty close to daniels table at the moment.my "horse", and i use that term loosely since i only have 5%, has roughly th same chip stack as DN.edit: now theyre on the same table with almost identical chip stacks.
  10. i can do updates if anyone wants.im sitting here railing a friend / waiting because we're waiting to see if he busts before booking another night at the two trees.
  11. topping out at 1k hands a day is weak.you should be doing a minimum of 300 hands an hour... anything less is a waste of time. and if you're playing full days, that's at least 2k hands per 'work' day.
  12. saving for a couple of months gets you way past that hump.what do your monthly bills add up to? $2,500? You can accumulate that in 'benefits' in a single week, even assuming you're breaking even. And then you'll have 3 more weeks to contribute to your savings.
  13. If you're equivocating "rich" with "rich white men", you can sleep easy knowing that obama is whiter than you - and stands only to get whiter as the years go on.
  14. It's probably more shameful to have been playing a long time, if you dont have any results to back it up. At least you'd have an excuse if you just started playing last year.
  15. The definition of undeservedly cocky/arrogant varies from person to person.I suspect that it would be way out of line for you to think you're capable of being a winner in smallish/micro stakes games.
  16. It's unfortunate that people like that (who are so undeservedly cocky) tend to have so little money.If you can scrounge together a few hundred dollars though, you can find more than enough willing participants to help you try and back up your claim.
  17. on the flop, your weighted outs are probably < 4 and you're getting 5.5:1 not closing action. i think the turn is even worse, but at least there are circumstances where it could be justified.
  18. I think it's a lot less accceptable for a serious player to go broke in the modern poker environment than it was 20 years ago. It's so much easier to progress through the stakes so much faster with online poker that you dont ever really need to take those big risks.
  19. I was pretty sure he wasnt talking about me, and i was just playing along. whenever two people are in agreement to not play heads up (and we've been in that spot several times), i think there's enough of a precedence set for playful shit talking. plus it makes me feel like a big man to dish out the haterade when my results are better than other regs.that, and i wanted to find an excuse to show that site off. it's really fun looking through everyones results, but it'll be even better when all the regs have cranked out 250k+ hands so that all the winrates will be basically accurate.and for th
  20. oh, i know.but there's a little secret that i think the community might like to see about their good friend mcfold.http://www.tableratings.com/overview/checkymcfold-.02
  21. people sure do respect your raises.what was the deal with that guy limp/folding in razz with an ace exposed?
  22. babyjeebus is absolutely awful at limit hold em.
  23. i rarely rail, but this is definitely rail-worthy.
  24. hmm... i thought i was getting crushed pretty badly, and it turns out i was down $5 at the tables.sick downswing.
  25. 800+200 today = 1,000BBs at 5/10 in the past 7 days. lolroggaments
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