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  1. Well, I didn't raise with AK out of position, I called a raise. But yeah, they are similar. I will be posting the flop in here soon, once I get more replies.
  2. Bellerophon


    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that ICM is a bunch of crap. Yeah, I said it! Someone's got to say it!
  3. I really like the limp in a cash game, however, you need to be careful that one of the earlier limpers isn't trying to catch you with a bigger pair. If you have KK and see, limp, limp...... you may want to be cautious if someone raises in late position and the early limper calls or reraises. I got my Kowboys busted recently by this very same thing when an early limper had Aces. But I do like it if you have Aces for sure. Just know that if no one raises and you get to a flop, becareful. You will probably get checked to by UTG+1 and +2 and you need to bet, but if they raise you or call becareful of a set or 2 pair. If you hit an Ace, well then they will just have to beat you with a draw if they feel lucky enough to call your big raise or ALL IN.
  4. I was playing tight/solid. I showed down good hands a few times, I was up $25 at the table. I figured he was playing pretty solid as well. Just give me your first instinct as to what you would do. Your general play in this situation is all I'm asking for.
  5. Okay, here we go again. This is a .25/.50c NL online ring game.You are on the SB and get dealt AK.UTG folds.UTG+1 raises to 2.50. (You have played him in another pot when he raised the same amount and won on the flop because you bet in position and he folded. He has you covered by 3 dollars, 78 - 75)Everyone folds to you.... what do you do?A. Re-raiseB. CallC. ALL IND. Fold*Okay, since this may be difficult for some of you.... answer this as if you were taking a test in school.
  6. Please articulate what IMO and SH are? I don't speak poker forum l337, lol.
  7. Doyle recommends 200x the BB for a cash game but 300 would be better i guess.... although I don't know if that's necessary. And yeah, when I use to play 5/10 limit and see someone sit with 200 or less i just didn't get it. I always sat with 500 and that could be considered low. Although, I was always the biggest stack at the table usually.
  8. Well, looks like I follow in your footsteps . I may not have the perfect game or strategy, or even the best math skills or analytical abilites, but I got heart (some sarcasm there, but I do have lotsa heart). I took $100 out of the $300 I owed to someone, and sat at that damn $100 NL buy-in table. I ended up leaving with $420. So, I won all of it back + $20..... whew. I left before I could lose it back to some river catch and I need to get some sleep.
  9. Okay well that's fair, however it's not like I was playing out of my stakes? I understand you need to account for Ruin, but I wasn't really getting all serious on it. I grinded out a week of the .10/.20 NL (featured on doylesroom.com) with very little and worked my way up to the 300. So, I had double what I initially deposited. I figured the 3 buy-ins was enough chances for me to make some decent money at a better rate per hour. You guys may want to read into things or make assumptions but I am confident in my skills. I've played in a few big pot limit games in casinos and did very well against good players. Also including my frequent 5/10 limit game which i made 2-3k in a couple of months. I'm much better now than I was then, and still learning from past mistakes. Im not the greatest nor do i claim to be, and i never have. I just wish people would stop putting on an act with their brass balls when sitting behind their cpu. There's no reason to constantly bash people and talk crap all the time. I think some people on here need to seriously grow up. That's all. I won't be on here much longer so feel free to take some stabs to boost your ego's some more.
  10. Well, right now I really dont have a bank roll. I won $500 playing some home games and only invested $150 online to play the satellites, then i was playing .5/.10 nl cuz I basically was down to nothing. I turned that into 300, grinding it out for a week on those tables and recieved a 300 bonus from doyles and cashed that out cuz I owed someone some money. I transferred the 300 left from doyles to full tilt and then was playing there. Just lost my remaining on that set of 3's. I was playing really well but when I got to full tilt i couldn't hit anything and then when i did, someone always out flopped me. Flushes, 2 pair, higher set, etc... I was playing at the one table for last 4 hours and maybe had 4 hands to play.
  11. i agree zach, its just what i had remaining and what i had been playing with the last few days. im not in debt, im just even now.
  12. I didnt lose all my funds, just what I had remaining from my 3 days of cold cards.
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