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  1. We will never be able to move past Americas awful past if we dont grow a sense of humor. I truly don't believe Daniel was doing this to hurt anyone, he's a guy with a sense of humor who was brought up in a place where race doesnt matter as much....News flush kiddies black, white, red, yellow. blue, green or pink we're alll the same and the rest of the world isnt so hung up on race just the US. Further more, yea it looked like black face but it was an accident, no one gets mad when dave chappelle powders his face, talks like a dork, and says hes white its funny and so what daniels skit. grow up
  2. Have you noticed that white people get more angry about black jokes then most black people do? Alot of my friends are black and we joke all the time, and its no big deal, my mother on the other hand can't "stand the intolerance".....what does that even mean????I think the blog was funny tho,....GG DN
  3. I love how you were making fun of PC people man, great blog...people have to stop being stupid and overly sensitivecan't we all just get along? haha
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