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  1. Hey...you're the nimrod in there putting more money in with nothing on the flop when you MISSED completely. AK, no matter what you may have heard, is not a pair. It is worse than 2,2. Got it? You overplayed AK...simple as that. Not a bad beat. Your mistake began when you called pre-flop. Learn to play and quit your bitchin.
  2. Play Poker Like The Pros just happened to be the first book I read on Poker, because it was one I found at the library after I got hooked on TV poker back in 2003. So Phil has long been a favorite of mine, even if he IS a bit of a crybaby and a bit of a braggard. Hey, sometimes when you are trying to build confidence in yourself, out of a deep need to be loved because you didn't get enough respect or whatever, you come off sounding like an a** hole to people, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a great tournament player. :-)
  3. So sorry to hear this. I never had any children, but have two dogs I love very much, and I know the toughest day of my life will be when either one of them has to leave me. I don't look forward to that day, but in a way, it's nice that we can save them the pain and suffering of a long, slow, painful illness. I WISH we could do the same for some humans. When I get run down at the end of my life, I know I'd want someone who loves me to put me down and send me off peacefully.
  4. Funny...if you live in VATICAN CITY....you can play poker online. But in the U.S. and Canada? Sorry, no dice. LOL!! The frickin POPE can play poker....but YOU can't.
  5. What a drag...didn't even KNOW the guy. I'm kinda sad now. I'm gonna go somewhere and sleep it off.
  6. Yeah....I remember MY first beer.
  7. I'm folding AQ like the readheaded stepchild it is. Listen to T.J. AQ is the DEVIL!!!!!!!!!
  8. They nearly had a Phil/Jennifer week when they had Gordon, Ivey, Tilly and Harman. They should do a full on Phil/Jennifer week. Could be:Phil LaakPhil IveyJennifer HarmanPhil GordonPhil HellmuthJennifer TillySweet game there.
  9. I just saw Moneymaker scalping low numbers at the Deli.
  10. I read this whole thread and no one mentioned the little hissy fit between Phil G and Lindgren on Poker After Dark?? I was hoping that would go to biatch slappin...but no such luck.
  11. Well, heck, NUDIE question does sound better. Let's start a new thread.
  12. Biggest mistake was going to a HIGHER limit when you didn't have enough roll to play the limit you were in...AND you were steaming. You should have gone down in limit, but only as the 2nd choice. You REALLY need to learn to walk away, and not throw more money away after you've suffered a loss. Next time, build at a lower limit for a while, so a couple bad beats don't take your whole roll.
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