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  1. I donn't know if they existt online, but if they do, anyone got any good referrals.No stupid replys please, your wasting your own time.
  2. Was epecting at least one to have trips.
  3. Why? Because i would like to know peoples thoughts on some poker sites fairness etc? Its a forum. A forum is for discussion.
  4. Are you a nerd? What is it with some people on this forum. They can't answer questions or have a civil chat. Instead they have to act like complete immature retards.
  5. Ladbrokes, full tilt and partypoker. Bad beats, dodgy flops, chipleader always outdraws. Or maybe its just me? lol.Anyway, i think ultimate bet is pretty good for randomness of cards and fairness?Anyone got anything better?
  6. I think tournament play is a must learn before cash games. I am only 19 and play mostly tournaments. However partypoker busted me this week. 1st time i played on it. Some weird stuff happens on their sng's. Seems like the chip leader is destined to win every tournament lol.
  7. I read super system, wasnt to impressed to be honest. Theres only a little bit about nl holdem. Just talks about how to be aggressive in cash gamest etc. If you play other poker games though its worth a read.Harringtons books are the best ive read so far. It covers every aspect possible for no limit hold em. Definetly has improved my game. The first 2 books are good, the third i have but haven't read. If i had to push it, i would say the 2nd is the best if your a competent player, of course.
  8. Has anyone done all of the questions in this book and if so, what was your score?
  9. Was he short stacked? Did he have first-vigorish? Maybe his play didnt look to bad at all if you consider that.
  10. The fact he checked the turn when the diamond game, gives you 2 perceptions. 1stly he might be afraid of the flush. 2ndly. He has the flush and wants you to bet it for him on the river because he thinks you have a little bit of something.This is exactly what happened, he re-raised you on the river. He could have a higher straight? Remember he only limped in. You don't really know his cards. You have to to think why he has done that. You have a straight but not the nut straight, you faced a check and a re-raise on the river. Theres 3 hands that can beat you. Higher straight, full house or the f
  11. Luck will eventually even out. However you may find yourself going through noticable phases of bad beats 'online' and then you'll find AA twice in a row followed by ak aj etc.I only started poker about 8 months ago myself. In that time ive learned a hell of a lot. You can minimise people getting lucky of course. Don't put all your money in unless you really have to. Study the play, the bets, why is he doing this and that? How can you make money from a person when you hit a big hand? Recently those parts of my game have came along way.Not that i really took notice of those parts at the start lo
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