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  1. so, let me get this straight...the "donk" didn't mishit his buttons?G (-:
  2. bah. here's to hoping they find a way. G (-:
  3. i have to agree with 11 to 1 (and as somewhat stated in mike caro's article). the dealer should be paid...not all the dealers. what's the use in getting good service if all of them get the tips? they know it's "required" to tip. if you could not tip the bad dealers the service would change. it would be interesting to see management's points on 11 to 1's issues, but we'd probably get a company line. G (-:
  4. this one?http://www.cardplayer.com/magazine/article/14409G (-:
  5. if Doyle tipped $100 for a $50,000 pot...then we should tip $.20 for a $20 pot?if we tip $1 then we are over-tipping 400%?G (-:
  6. the real question should be why he didn't continue to let his girlfriend play for him...she was down 500 chips and he busted...G (-:
  7. you know DN is amazing. what a classy guy. i am new to poker also and wasn't able to follow borgota closely. i briefly read card player's updates and was wondering the same thing. i was thinking that the quick turn around from tunica tired him out, but DN pointed out that it wasn't the case. i wouldn't have put the question in the way the poster did, but i was wondering about the later card play (thinking that DN was tired). and here we got free advice!what other pro is going to give us free analysis? and yes, lol, i think a lot of us poker noobs woulda pushed all in with AQ...(i am try
  8. please, does anyone buy this story that it was poker that made him hurt the kitty?i meant to hit the wall, but somehow accidently not on purpose knocked the cat across the room into the wall...
  9. thanks, but not better than your avatar!tried to do some goofy name...lol.G (-:
  10. for all us donks out there...GO JAMIE!!!G (-:
  11. the moral of the story is when you've lost $700 wait for a game with the geezers who don't know how to play...now, all we have to do is find that game...G (-:
  12. i would email them back and ask them for the ranking of the different suits so that you can know which one is ranked higher...just to see their response. G (- a matter or fact i would even ask them for the link where it is posted/published...
  13. the thing about flaming is, what does it accomplish? usually nothing...most times I wonder why people even waste their time doing it.G (-:
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