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  1. Indeed. Or just cash out and deposit more if you've cashed out enough.What also helps is going after the bonuses at all the sites. EVery pokersite offers some kind of bonus, try to get them all and you'll have some easy money.
  2. You can call BS all you want, it happened. Now if the guy on the button was holding AA or something like, I could understand his fold. But I would never ever fold the nut flush, that's why I'm kinda pissed about it. I ended positive for the game though, so it's not all that bad, but I guess I'm just greedy
  3. So we were playing our weekly homegame, with one new player. I get dealt 5c and then the 6c which was accidently shown to the table. The card goes back in the pack, gets shuffled and I get a new card. Luck would have it that it was again the 6c. I limp in for 20c and it gets checked to the big blind.Flop comes 4c 7c 5sit gets checked to me, I bet 80c, the table folds till the button who calls. Turn comes 3cI check, the button bets 1.20 euro. I raise to 2.40 and I get called. River shows KsI bet 3.80, button raises me and I reraise all in. The button goes into the tank and starts thinking. Now
  4. Just a question from a casino noob. Is it wise to already go up a level after only 5 playing sessions? I mean... if 8/16 is so easy to make money, why not stay there a bit longer to build up your bankroll some more?
  5. neelz


    So you're saying you DON'T like those comments about his failed mariages and ex wifes?
  6. So eventhough there's no thought required, not all of them are as dumb as they seem :)Seriously though, that sucks. But there are scammers in every type of job. Nothing much you can do about it really...
  7. I also use Neteller and besides all the hoops I had to jump through to actually make a deposit, everything has been fine. Haven't encountered any problems at all. I'll try to make another withdrawel when I get home and report back.
  8. A buddy of mine bought a table like this one: http://casinosuppliesonline.com/Merchant2/...00001/P223D.JPGIt's a good table and we usually have the person sitting in the middle do the dealing. Or when someone's busted, he'll sit in the middle and deal the game. Oval tables are really slow when a person on far end of the table has to deal.BTW, how much did you guys pay for your table? My friend payed 260 euro ($330) for his.
  9. If you're drunk and high you deserve to lose 5k. If you don't have the intelligence to know when you can play poker and when you can't, you shouldn't be playing for that kind of money. Get a $7/h job and live life like a normal person before you set foot in a card room.
  10. I don't know if they're "official", but those are the same chips they sell at worldseriesofpoker.com ( http://www.shopwsop.com/productdetails.aspx?id=100053987 ). Those 11,5 gram chips... are the ones they use in a casino heavier? I've only played blackjack in a casino and I thought the chips were just as heavy there. And it wasn't a pinochle deck Just a standard 52 card deck we had been playing with for several hours, so the cards were shuffled over and over.
  11. Yeah you're right, the big bet wasn't a good play and I got lucky. I just thought I could steal the pot right there because I was kinda falling in love with my flopped straight. Ah well, live and learn I guess Thanks advice though, appreciate it. I had in total 63 euro, so 63 x 3 + 1,20 in blinds and calls before the flop.
  12. Heh, no one in the home game I play is good enough to know how to rig a deck
  13. Playing a home game, 10/20c blinds. I'm in the big blind with Qd Kd, no raises before me and I raise it up to 1 euro. Everyone but 2 players fold and we go to the flop.Jd, Ad, 10cRight now I'm holding a straight and first to act. I bet 3 euro, player 1 raises to 6, player 2 calls and I call. The turn isJhI don't like that J, so I bet big and go for 25 euro. Both players call and I start getting nervous. But then the river comes10dGiving me the absolute nuts with a Royal Flush. Since everyone's been calling, I go all in and I get called by both players. I really couldn't understand why they wer
  14. Is it? Would you suggest as a .50/1 euro game then? Maybe you're right, but if we're playing with the same crowd for higher stakes, I think I could win just as much as I do now.
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