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  2. Well I too agree that that is unfair, but it is not my house so you can do what ever you like. The correct thing to do is have one payout structure and stick to it. This structure is the most efficient and correct payout chart that I suggest you use. It can handle up to 50 people. You can round up and down to the nearest dollar.created by BCR_9er I hope this helps.
  3. Well there is not exactly a thread where you give them your address and they ship them to you, but if you make a username there and ask around I am sure someone will at least help you out. So if you make a username there and start asking questions people are more than happy to help out.Basically you have to look around and they will help ya get the chips you needAlso homepokertourney.com is a great place as well.Good luck,
  4. I wonder how proud the person was for holding that record.
  5. Yes there is. There is also Escape: The Car and is much easier than the bomb. These are still actually really addicting.
  6. Well actually that was the right thing. They determine to merge by how many are left per table, then they randomly put you at a seat. That is fair as long as it is random, you just got a little unlucky. Nothing you could do.
  7. I am not sure, I just found it somewhere.
  8. And everyone always wonders why he arrives late in the main event.
  9. Not quite. The discs you use are smaller and heavier so you can throw them much farther. But some people do call it that.
  10. Chiptalk.net is not a bad idea. Here is a link: http://www.chiptalk.net/forum/index.php?referrerid=7097If that does not work out for you you can get a decent deal on either ebay or discountcasinogear.com Your best bet would be chiptalk because if you are good enough you can find people that will plain out give you chips. I have almost 80 chips of lots of varieties for free.
  11. Very nice table btw Rochyfish!!I too recently built my table. I posted some pictures on home poker tourney .com as well
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